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29 January 2015

Order your AC+ subscription now to access our onilne archive of stories and classroom resources.

As well as providing an accessible way to communicate the Catholic faith to parents in the home, Australian Catholics offers schools a huge archive of articles and reflection resources to help deepen and extend faith formation activities in the classroom. 

What does an AC+ subscription give you?

An AC+ subscription gives your school access to: 


Teachers can set the students to reading articles from Australian Catholics magazine in class and draw on them in their own RE lesson planning, and be confident that all of our articles have been reviewed and signed off by a diocesan censor, and so are in line with Catholic teaching.

For more ideas on how an AC+ subscription can benefit your school community, download these PDFs:

AC+ for students

AC+ for teachers

AC+ for parents

If your school is already getting copies of the magazine for at least half of your students, you will automatically qualify for an AC+ subscription. Just go to our sign-up page to create a login.

If you don't automatically qualify for an AC+ subscription at your current subscription rate, please contact us on 1300 72 88 46 or email us at for information on how you can upgrade your subscription.


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