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To follow a star questions and activities

Michele Frankeni  |  28 November 2019

Read To follow the light of a star in the Summer 2019-20 edition of Australian Catholics and take part in the following questions and activities.


  • How prepared were the Wise Men for their journey? Compare their trip with how you would make a long journey. What did they use to guide them? What did they pack?
  • What were the gifts the three Wise Men brought the baby Jesus? Compare them to the types of gifts given to newborns today.
  • Why are the Wise Men sometimes called the Magi? Explain the origin and meaning of the word.


Imaginative/prayer exercise: Imagine that you’re following a star sent by God to somewhere God wanted you to go. Where do you find yourself? What do you see? What do you learn? Share the story of your journey.

Inspirational people: Are there people in your life who inspire you? Why, what is it about them that is so inspirational? What do you think their guiding star is? Reflecting on their qualities, how can you use their qualities to be a guide to others?

Ecology project: Read We are one in the Summer 2019/20 edition of Australian Catholics’ sister publication Madonna and do a research project on an aspect of ecology – e.g. The Amazon, the Great Barrier Reef, the Murray-Darling Basin. Explain what they are, what they do, the benefits they give and the dangers they face. The report can be written, presented in a poster or other forms of media.

For younger students

Read or summarise To follow the light of a star in the Summer 2019-20 edition of Australian Catholics and discuss with the students the Wise Men’s journey and the significance of the star.

A guiding light

  • Invite the children to think of a special person in their lives who acts as a guide or mentor. Suggest a parent, older sibling, relative, teacher, and so on. Encourage the children to think of someone who is always there to help them out in times of confusion or when faced with a problem.
  • Provide each child with a cut-out of paper star.
  • Ask the children to write on one side of the star: Thank you, ________, for being a guiding light in my life. Have the children include a special note to the person they are thanking.
  • Ask the children to decorate the other side of the star with bright colours.
  • Consider punching holes at the top of each star and tying a ribbon through it, so that the stars can be used as Christmas ornaments.
  • Encourage the children to give the star to their special person.


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