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The unbelievable thing

Tatiana Kurniawan  |  14 February 2019

What do you do with a secret too terrible to share? When you’re all alone and you think nobody cares? When you’ve made mistake upon mistake,
And you’re not sure about the next step to take. 
Well, let me tell you about some people I know,
Who made some mistakes and were feeling quite low. 
Maybe these little snippets of stories will show, That the less guilt that you carry, the happier you will grow.

There once live a boy called Terrible Tom,
Who would, without fail, lie to his mum.
Labelled by all as an untrustworthy liar,
He was the type of boy no one could admire.
Even when he had something true to tell,
Onto deaf ears his plea always fell.

In a place not far away lived Dismal Dylan,
Who bullied his classmates and was really quite a villain.
He thought it was so cool,
To be the boss of the school.
Everyone left him to sit by himself out of the sun,
The people he picked on were having all the fun.

The next town along was home to Horrible Harry,
Who stole from the purse that his sister would carry.
And he really thought nobody knew,
Because other than that, he was goody-two-shoes.
But people saw past the mask and revealed his greed,
They saw the selfishness he would give into and regularly feed.

Soon all these young men,
Had lost all their friends.
Their families wouldn’t trust them and they were left all alone,
They started reaping the fruits of the seeds they had sown.

The bitter taste of guilt filled them all up,
Mischief had lost its novelty, and they wanted to give up.
They wanted to change and make their amends,
But after all that, how do you earn back family and friends?

Every Tom, Dylan and Harry has a burden to bear,
A cross that they carry, a hurt they won’t share,
All the feelings of remorse that they had oppressed,
Left them wearied, worried, and constantly stressed.

Aside from their mischief and bad behaviour they had one thing in common,
A church that they went to (maybe not willingly) when their parents would summon.
They would whine, they would argue and say all was wrong,
But in the end, they’d still be dragged along.

And it was there that they learned an unbelievable thing,
That God knew all they had done: the bad, good, everything.
Soon they all realised that their secrets were known,
And the more they hid, the faster the guilt had grown,
What interested them more above all of that,
Was that God would always forgive, even if you were a brat.

And it was there that they found this wonderful thing called hope,
They could change for the better and wouldn’t have to mope.
God instantly forgave – it took everyone else a little longer!
But from this, True Tom, Delightful Dylan and Helpful Harry grew stronger.

We all make mistakes, there’s no need to hide,
All will be fine as long as you’ve tried,
To fix what you can, and apologise for what you cannot,
The people who care for you will be happy you had a shot,
At doing things better than you used to,
After all, if we were born perfect there wouldn’t be anything to do.

So maybe now you realise that you’re not on your own,
When you confide in God and do your best to atone,
You’ll feel a lot better with all that guilt off your chest,
And reconciliation can only take place when you confess.

Tatiana Kurniawan is a member of our young writers’ community.


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