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The sacraments under Covid-19 questions and activities

Michele Frankeni  |  03 September 2020

Read Celebrating sacraments under Covid-19 and Re-discovering what’s important in the Spring 2020 edition of Australian Catholics and take part in the following questions and activities.


  • What changes to events have occurred for you over the past six months?
  • How have you adapted to these changes? Have you held modified versions, deferred or cancelled your plans?
  • How have these disruptions affected your view of what’s important about celebrations?


Research: Throughout history, and in parts of the world now, Christian communities have concealed or modified their religious celebrations because of the circumstances they found themselves in.

Research one of the following Christian groups (or a similar group from another part of the world), and how their experience of faith was adapted to the circumstances they found themselves in. Consider what dangers or difficulties they face, how and where they gathered, who led their communities, how and if they celebrated the Eucharist, what were the consequences for them living out their faith. You might like to write a report, or an imaginative essay from the perspective of a member of this community. Some suggestions:

  • Christians who were persecuted in the Roman empire
  • Catholics in early Australian colonial times
  • Christians in the Middle East today

A Guide. Pick one of the sacraments, and put together a guide to celebrating that sacrament in your parish in a time of social distancing.

Assume for the sake of the exercise that celebrations can take place, but there is a limit of 10 people. Consider: Who are the people who will need to be there for the sacrament? What are the things that will need to be included in the celebration of the sacrament? How will the sacrament be affected by the restrictions? What ideas do you have to overcome these obstacles?


Read or summarise Celebrating sacraments under Covid-19 and Re-discovering what’s important in the Spring 2020 edition of Australian Catholics. Talk with the students about the sacraments and how Covid-19 has affected our ability to undertake the sacraments.

Activity: Blessings

The object of this activity is to identify the sacraments as blessings we receive from God.

  • Remind the children that the sacraments are blessings (favours or good things) we receive from God.
  • Invite the children to work in pairs and explain that each pair will choose a different sacrament to illustrate.
  • Using poster-size blank paper and art supplies, ask the children to create posters that illustrate the sacraments as blessings from God.
  • Invite the pairs to present their posters to the group and explain their illustrations.



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