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Saints Quiz

26 May 2020

Quiz: Saints for a time of lockdown

  1. Italian Saint Bernadino of Siena is patron saint of illnesses to which area of the body? (Hint: It's an area that's particularly affected by coronavirus).
  2. Which Jesuit saint (pictured) – also a patron of youth – died while providing care to plague victims on the streets of Rome?
  3. Father Damien of Molokai is famous for his pastoral work with sufferers of which disease, often mentioned in Bible stories.
  4. Legend has it that when he became sick after working with plague victims, St Roch retreated to the forest where he built himself a hut with boughs and leaves. He was sustained in his recovery, and eventually healed, by which animal?
  5. While not a saint, Athanasius Kircher was a 17th century Jesuit scientist. Why is his work particularly relevant at this time?


Answers: 1. Chest and lungs. 2. St Aloysius Gonzaga. 3. Leprosy. 4. A dog. 5. He was among the first to link disease with micro-organisms, and proposed hygienic measures to prevent the spread of disease including isolation and quarantine, as well as wearing facemasks.



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