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Reflection questions and activities for 'AC Classroom: Who goes to heaven?'

10 March 2016

Read the article 'AC Classroom: Who goes to heaven?' and answer the following questions. Then share your answers in pairs, small groups or in a classroom discussion.

1. What’s your image of heaven? What do you think are the requirements to get there?

2. What is your relationship with God based on? Is it heart-to-heart or more head-to-heart? Explain.

3. Is there anyone close to you who is not Christian? What glimpses of Jesus have you seen in them? What do they do or say that you think is Christ-like?

4. Nirmalene Candappa is surrounded by people of different beliefs. Why is it important to be friends with people who think differently from you? 

5. What can Christians learn from non-Christians about morality and loving others? Explain.


1. St Peter – the first apostle of Jesus – is often depicted as the keeper of the gates of heaven, overseeing who is allowed into heaven, and who isn’t. 

Write a two-page short story about a person or a few different people’s encounter with St Peter and entrance into (or rejection from) heaven. Is it only Catholics who have a VIP entrance or does God have other requirements? When you’re finished, read your story to your class.

For younger students

1. Break up into groups of three or four and on a sheet of paper, write five requirements to enter heaven. What qualities do you think God would be looking for in new citizens to heaven? When you’re finished share your list with your class.

2. Draw a picture showing your relationship with God. How does God know your heart? How do you know God? If you feel comfortable that your picture is complete, share it with your class.


Topic tags: ourrelationshipwithgod, thecatholictradition, religiousandculturaldiversity, engagingwithotherfaith

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