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RE-cycled: Walking in the shoes of refugees

18 August 2016

Thomas Carr College sent Australian Catholics magazine the following RE-cycled activity, which raised money for the Peace Refugee Ration Challenge.

Year-12 students Austin Deppeler, Alex Oakes and Jasmin Mathews along with their teachers Mr Kieran Kiely and Mrs Shirley Dagmang put themselves in the shoes of Syrian refugees to raise money for much needed food, medicine and support and to raise awareness for refugees who have lost everything. As part of the Act for Peace Refugee Ration Challenge, the group ate the same rations as a Syrian Refugee for 3 days from Wednesday June 22 to Friday June 25. They swapped their regular diets for small portions of rice, kidney beans, lentils, chick peas, sardines as they starved and craved for well-loved food, giving up the luxury of the pantry and fridge in the name of charity. On the last day, the students bellowed, “We miss food – especially coffee”. Despite its obvious challenges however, all were able to get through what was a life changing event.

Through the generosity of sponsors, the group were able to raise $640. This amount is enough to provide food rations for a family of six for 6 months and an entire year’s worth of ration for one refugee so we thank them all wholeheartedly.

Alex, Jasmin and Austin wrote: ‘It was an honour to undertake this great cause to raise awareness and much needed funds for refugees and I encourage next year’s students to follow in our footsteps. It was a fruitful and self-fulfilling experience that we’ll never forget. It's very easy to neglect or overlook those less fortunate, but it's only experiencing what they go through that it'll truly come to light and shine.’  

Outstanding works of mercy that could change lives for a few… for now at least.


This article was first published in the Thomas Carr College's newsletter and on the school's website.


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