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Quiz: Catholic family fun

02 February 2017

Try our Catholic family fun quiz!


1. How many psalms are there in the Book of Psalms?

a. 100

b. 150

c. 200


2. True or false:

Pope Francis’ favourite dance is the cha-cha.


3. What form of music was named after the patron saint of singers and musicians, Pope St Gregory the Great?


4. Which form of music was once considered so seditious that all public performances of it were banned by Pope Clement XI?


5. Who am I?

I was born on 4 March 1678, in Venice, Italy. I studied the violin, and was writing liturgical music in my early teens. I began studying to be a priest at the age of 15. Illness forced me to withdraw from priestly duties, but I continued to compose music throughout my life. I’m most widely known for my operas, which include Argippo, Bajazet and The Four Seasons. I am …





Answers. 1. a. 2. False – it’s actually the tango. 3. Gregorian chant. 4. Opera. 5. Antonio Vivaldi




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