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Quiz: Biblical prophets

Staff  |  06 February 2018

Statue of a prophet reaching outHow much do you know about the Biblical prophets?

1. Which early prophet was given a new name by God, calling him the 'father of nations'?

2. True or False: On Mount Horeb, God appears to Elijah through the wind, through an earthquake and through fire. 

3. Which prophet is perhaps most well-known for a story in which he wrestles with an angel?

4. Anna the Prophetess appears in the Gospel of Luke. What is it that she does?

5. Which prophet is the only female judge mentioned in the Bible?



1. Abraham. 2. False (the scripture explicitly states that God is not in the wind, earthquake or fire). 3. Jacob. 4. She prophesises about Jesus at the Temple in Jerusalem. 5. Deborah.


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