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Quiz - Families in the Bible

07 August 2019

How well do you know the families in the Bible?

  1. What were the names of Adam and Eve’s two sons?
  2. David was succeeded as King of Israel by which of his sons? (Hint: His name is associated with wisdom)
  3. When Mary found out she was pregnant with Jesus, who did she go to seeking counsel?
  4. In Luke’s Gospel, sisters Mary and Martha get into a fight over Mary’s desire to listen to Jesus and Martha’s request for her to serve their guests. Who does Jesus side with?
  5. Who am I? At the behest of God, I left home with my wife and nephew, with the promise of finding a new and more fruitful place to live. I went to Egypt, but made my wife pretend to be my sister so that the Egyptians would not kill me. When Pharaoh found out that we were married, he demanded that we leave Egypt. We were childless for many years, but when I was 99 years old and my wife 90 years old we had a son, Isaac. I lived until the age of 175, fathering more children. My name means ‘a father of many nations’. I am ______.



Answers: 1. Cain and Abel. 2. Solomon. 3. Her relative Elizabeth. 4. Mary 5. Abraham.

Image: King Solomon –


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