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Quarantine with the saints

Michael McVeigh  |  26 May 2020

Here’s a fun activity to help stir the imagination while in lockdown at home. You have 15 points to spend. Who would be your dream quarantine companions?

Who are the five Catholic saints you’d want to be in quarantine with? The options for this activity are below. To make it a bit fun, and encourage you to find out about saints you might not have heard of before, we’ve allocated points against each choice. You have 15 points to spend in total. 

Consider what kind of household would you want to be quarantined in. Perhaps you’d want a saint who was good at organising communities, like St Ignatius Loyola or St Teresa Avila. Perhaps you want to live with someone who’d be happy to get their hands dirty doing household chores like Frederic Ozanam or Mother Teresa? Perhaps Mary MacKillop could help with home schooling the kids, and St Francis of Assisi would be a good companion for gardening and playing with pets. A theologian like St Thomas Aquinas might provoke some good conversations to pass the time. Or if you want to start your own podcast or vlog, Dorothy Day might be a good person to be living with.

Tips for teachers/pastoral associates: This could be a good activity for confirmation preparation. You can use the names on this list, or add new ones for the children to explore.  Child-friendly versions of many of the stories can be found here:

Early church
5 points: St Mary Mother of Jesus
4 points: St Peter the Apostle
3 points: St Paul the Apostle
2 points: St John the Evangelist
1 point: St Mary Magdelene

Community founders
5 points: St Francis of Assisi
4 points: St Teresa of Avila
3 points: St Ignatius Loyola
2 points: St Clare of Assisi
1 point: St Benedict of Nursia

Philosophers and theologians
5 points: St Thomas Aquinas
4 points: St Augustine of Hippo
3 points: St Catherine of Siena
2 points: St John Henry Newman
1 point: St Hildegard of Bingen

Mystics and contemplatives
5 points: St Therese of Lisieux
4 points: St Francis de Sales
3 points: St Bonaventure
2 points: St John of the Cross
1 point: St Faustina Kowalska

Pastors and missionaries
5 points: St Mary MacKillop
4 points: Mother Teresa of Calcutta
3 points: St Francis Xavier
2 points: Blessed Frederic Ozanam
1 point: Dorothy Day

When you’re finished: You might not be able to physically live with these saints, but you can still pray with them. Consider setting up a space in your home where you can pray and reflect with your chosen quarantine household.


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