Prayers of the people: To follow Jesus

16 October 2021

In this week’s intercessionary prayers for parishes, we pray for those entrusted with the task of preparing for the second session of the Plenary Council. Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B, 24 October 2021.


The question Jesus puts to Bartimaeus – ‘What do you want me to do for you?’ – repeats that put to James and John in last Sunday’s Gospel.

The replies stand in stark contrast. The two apostles ask for power and glory, the blind beggar asks to see again. What follows is equally contrasting. The Twelve descend into argument while Bartimaeus chooses to follow Jesus on the arduous ascent from Jericho to Jerusalem – a difficult journey that reflects the demands of discipleship.

The deliberations of the Plenary Council suggest that the Australian church is being challenged to identify itself with Bartimaeus rather than the sons of Zebedee. With him it must relinquish the cloak of security and ask to see again.


For those entrusted with the task of preparing for the second session of the Plenary Council, that they will continue to attend to all voices and to the promptings of the Spirit.


These intercessions are offered for selected use at Sunday Mass in the parish alongside those that express local needs and concerns.


Dear friends, courage and faith brought sight back to Bartimaeus. With his determined conviction let us pray for the healing of our world.


For church communities around the world, that on this Mission Sunday they will heed Pope Francis’ call to take the Gospel to the margins of society. (Pause) Let us pray to the Lord.

For world leaders, that they will mark this week’s United Nations Day (24 – 30 October) by committing to nuclear disarmament and the path of peace. (Pause) Let us pray to the Lord.

For all taking part in next week’s climate summit in Glasgow (31 October – 12 November), that they will pledge to take the actions needed to protect the earth, our common home. (Pause) Let us pray to the Lord.

For disadvantaged countries and communities, that they will be given a just share of vaccines and resources to deal with the COVID pandemic. (Pause) Let us pray to the Lord.

For the First Peoples of this land, that the hopes voiced in the Uluru Statement from the Heart will be embraced by the whole nation. (Pause) Let us pray to the Lord.

For the Catholic Church in Australia, that the next phase of the Plenary Council process will be inclusive, transforming and Spirit-led. (Pause) Let us pray to the Lord.

For the children of Australia, that National Children’s Week (23 – 31 October) will highlight their right to choose their own friends and safely connect with others. (Pause) Let us pray to the Lord.

For all who are responsible for workplace safety, that they will ensure that all employees are protected from bullying, harassment and exploitation. (Pause) Let us pray to the Lord.

For the recently deceased . . . and for those whose anniversary of death occurs around this time, that they will see God face to face and live with joy for ever. (Pause) Let us pray to the Lord.


Saving God, you have revealed yourself to us in Christ. Open our eyes to see him in the face of the widow, the orphan and the stranger. We ask this through Christ our Lord.