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Prayers of the people: Pentecost Sunday (Year A) - 4 June 2017

30 May 2017

Introduction to the Mass

For ninety days we the church have been on paschal pilgrimage.  Through the forty days of Lent we walked the way of conversion, daring to let go of our old selves and be freed to follow Jesus all the way to Calvary.  On Easter Day we dared to go even further, crossing over into a new realm in which death and sin have been disarmed and the power of life affirmed once and for all.  For fifty days we have revelled in the life-changing Spirit of Jesus.  Today we give thanks for the fruits of this journey and set out afresh with hearts of hope.

Sample intercessions


Dear friends, on this Pentecost day we rejoice in the gift of the Spirit who kindles in us the fire of divine love.  Moved by that love let us pray for the Spirit to renew the face of the earth.  


1. For the world-wide Christian family, that all who have been baptised in Christ and anointed with the Spirit may bear joyful witness to the Father’s boundless love, (pause) let us pray to the Lord.

2. For members of the Jewish community, that their celebration of the Feast of Weeks this year will unite them in thankful fidelity to God’s covenant of old, (pause) let us pray to the Lord.

3. For the Catholic church in Australia, the land of the Holy Spirit, that there will be a new Pentecost to open up fresh pathways for the baptised to participate fully in its life and mission, (pause) let us pray to the Lord.

4. For all creatures on planet earth, that this year’s World Environment Day will persuade international leaders to take urgent action to deal with climate change and keep the world safe for future generations, (pause) let us pray to the Lord.

5. For the First Peoples of Australia, that their hopes for full constitutional recognition will meet with support from political leaders and the general population alike, (pause) let us pray to the Lord.

6. For innocent citizens caught in the cross-fire of brutal warfare, especially in the lands of the Middle East, that cease-fires can be negotiated to allow their terrible suffering to come to an end, (pause) let us pray to the Lord.

7. For refugees and asylum seekers held in detention centres off-shore and in Australia, that the efforts of those who are striving for a just and humane resolution of their claims will give them hope and courage, (pause) let us pray to the Lord.

8. For ourselves, that we will nurture the gifts of the Spirit in our lives and let them bear fruit in love, peace, thankfulness and mercy,  (pause)  let us pray to the Lord.

9. For the recently deceased ... and for those whose anniversary of death occurs around this time, that the Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead will raise them to eternal glory with him, (pause) let us pray to the Lord. 


Father of light and fount of all goodness, by the power of your Spirit you make all things new.  Give us the courage to break free from our old ways and set out on new paths of peace and love.  We ask this through Christ our Lord.



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