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Prayers of the people: Fifth Sunday of Easter Year B, 29 April 2018

20 April 2018

Introductory reflection

The holy grail of science is the “theory of everything” – a single unified theory to explain and inter-relate every physical phenomenon in the universe, from the smallest quantum of energy to the farthest reaches of the cosmos. The Easter season offers us a glimpse of a unifying principle that pervades the whole of creation: the Spirit of God. This Spirit drives the preaching of the gospel abroad and the building up of the visible church. It is one and the same Spirit that penetrates the deepest hidden recesses of the human heart. In this Spirit we revel throughout these weeks of freedom and faith.

The week's prayer focus

For the church in this land of the Holy Spirit, that it will be healed, strengthened and reinvigorated by the power of the Spirit of God.

Sample intercessions

These intercessions are offered for selected use at Sunday Mass in the parish alongside those that express local needs and concerns.


Dear friends, Jesus has spoken to us, revealing himself as the true vine from which we draw life. Let us take his word to heart and allow it to bear fruit in our prayer.


  1. For the global Christian community, that all believers will make their home in Jesus and bear much fruit for the life of the world, (pause for silent prayer) let us pray to the Lord.
  2. For peace in the lands once evangelised by Barnabas and Paul, that the churches there will grow strong again and bear witness to the good news of Jesus Christ, (pause for silent prayer) let us pray to the Lord.
  3. For world leaders, that in this time of international power struggles they will renounce entrenched animosities and work together for a new and peaceful world order, (pause for silent prayer) let us pray to the Lord.
  4. For reporters and journalists, especially those working in dangerous places, that they will be resolute in their mission of searching out the truth and making it known, (pause for silent prayer) let us pray to the Lord.
  5. For indigenous Australians, whether living in remote communities, country towns or the city, that their just hopes for housing, education and health care will be fulfilled, (pause for silent prayer) let us pray to the Lord.
  6. For refugees and asylum seekers, especially those held on Manus Island and Nauru, that their plight will finally persuade Australian political leaders to bring their detention to an end, (pause for silent prayer) let us pray to the Lord.
  7. For the children of divorced or separated parents, that their wellbeing will have the highest priority in custody and access negotiations, (pause for silent prayer) let us pray to the Lord.
  8. For ourselves, that our love for God and one another will not be just words or mere talk, but will be real and active, (pause for silent prayer) let us pray to the Lord.
  9. For the recently deceased... and for those whose anniversary of death occurs around this time, that the lives they lived on earth will bear fruit in eternal joy and peace, (pause for silent prayer) let us pray to the Lord.


Gracious God, Giver of Life, you have united us to your Son as branches of the true vine. Fill us with your love and guide us always by the Spirit you have given us. We ask this through Christ our Lord.


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