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Prayers of the people: 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C, 20 January 2019

10 January 2019

Introductory reflection

As if in sync with the easy days of summer, the transition from Advent-Christmas to Ordinary Time is gentle, not abrupt. After the bridging feast of the Baptism of the Lord and before the long haul through Matthew, Mark or Luke, the gospel for the 2nd Sunday is always a one-off from John. Today it’s the wedding feast at Cana. True to the mystery of the incarnation, the human predicament of the couple becomes an occasion for the revelation of divine glory. In the hands of the Bridegroom, the water of purification becomes the wine of the messianic banquet. In time, the wine of Passover will become the blood of forgiveness.

The week’s prayer focus

For couples preparing for marriage, that their hopes for a life-time of love will be fulfilled.

Sample intercessions

These intercessions are offered for selected use at Sunday Mass in the parish alongside those that express local needs and concerns.


Dear friends, at the wedding feast of Cana Jesus gave the first sign of his glory. Guided by Mary his mother, let us place our needs and hopes in his powerful hands.


  1. We pray for the young people in Panama for World Youth Day. May they be filled with the joy of the gospel and be led to new faith in Jesus Christ. (Pause for silent prayer) Lord, hear us.
  2. We pray for the human family at this time of global turmoil and uncertainty. May world leaders unite in the cause of peace and care for the earth. (Pause for silent prayer) Lord, hear us.
  3. We pray for the holy city of Jerusalem, cherished and contested by Jews, Christians and Muslims alike. May it become a powerful sign of reconciliation and hope. (Pause for silent prayer) Lord, hear us.
  4. We pray for all Christian churches in this land of the Holy Spirit. May they be blessed with the many gifts of the Spirit and bear united witness to the gospel of Jesus. (Pause for silent prayer) Lord, hear us.
  5. We pray for the first peoples of Australia and all who have come here from other countries and cultures. May Australia Day lead to a fuller acceptance of the past and a ready embrace of the future. (Pause for silent prayer) Lord, hear us.
  6. We pray for rural and remote communities experiencing harsh conditions this summer. May they grow strong together and be kept safe. (Pause for silent prayer) Lord, hear us.
  7. We pray for couples preparing to celebrate marriage. May the joy of their wedding day be a life-giving memory throughout their married life. (Pause for silent prayer) Lord, hear us.
  8. We pray for our parish community. May we welcome each other’s gifts and work together to build up the body of Christ. (Pause for silent prayer) Lord, hear us.
  9. We pray for the recently deceased . . . and those whose anniversary of death occurs around this time. May they be made welcome at the heavenly marriage feast of the Lamb. (Pause for silent prayer) Lord, hear us.


Good and eternal God, your Son sealed an unfailing covenant with us in the outpouring of his blood. Keep us who drink from the cup of the covenant true to his love. We ask this through Christ our Lord.


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