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Prayers of the people: 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C – 20 October

10 October 2019

Introductory reflection

Jesus is unafraid of bold stretches of imagination.

Here he dares to compare the God of justice with an obstinate earthly judge, albeit by way of contrast. If even this heartless official can be badgered to uphold a widow’s rights, how much more will God hear the pleas of his faithful.

The risk is that hearers of the story may feel that God can be as remote and unmoved as the hard-hearted judge. After all, in the Garden of Olives Jesus’ own prayer went unanswered. It was only when he had drained the cup of suffering that God’s infinite “Yes” raised him to life.

That’s the all-powerful “Yes” that all our prayer seeks to hear.

The week’s prayer focus

For all who are denied access to true courts of justice, that persistence will win them a fair hearing.

Sample intercessions

These intercessions are offered for selected use at Sunday Mass in the parish alongside those that express local needs and concerns.


Dear friends, Jesus encourages us to pray continually and never lose heart. In that spirit let us pray for the needs of the church and the whole human family.


  1. For the world-wide church, that this Mission Sunday will reinforce Pope Francis’ call for a new missionary spirit among all the baptised. (Pause for silent prayer) Let us pray to the Lord.
  2. For the peoples and churches of the Amazon, that this final week of the Pan-Amazonian Synod will open up pathways to justice, peace and sustainable development. (Pause for silent prayer) Let us pray to the Lord.
  3. For all teachers of scripture and preachers of God’s word, that they will unlock the treasures of the Bible and nourish God’s people well. (Pause for silent prayer) Let us pray to the Lord.
  4. For all who are engaged in the administration of justice, that they will fulfil their role with integrity, wisdom and impartiality. (Pause for silent prayer) Let us pray to the Lord.
  5. For the work of the United Nations, that it will advance the cause of world-wide disarmament and support global action for the care of creation. (Pause for silent prayer) Let us pray to the Lord.
  6. For the members of contemplative communities, that their dedication to a life of prayer will bear witness to the unfailing goodness of God. (Pause for silent prayer) Let us pray to the Lord.
  7. For the children of Australia, that they will be valued, loved and kept safe throughout the years of childhood. (Pause for silent prayer) Let us pray to the Lord.
  8. For the deaf, that they will receive all the recognition and support they need to take full part in the life of the community. (Pause for silent prayer) Let us pray to the Lord.
  9. For the recently deceased . . . and for those whose anniversary of death occurs around this time, that they will be reborn to eternal life in Christ. (Pause for silent prayer) Let us pray to the Lord.


God of mercy, you call us to put our faith in your saving justice. Hear the prayers we make to you and grace us with all that is good. We ask this through Christ our Lord.


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