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Luke Bogoni  |  15 November 2018

Fr Mike SchmitzAs a Religious Education teacher, I’m always looking for new resources and prayers for students that are engaging and intimately beautiful. It is not always easy to find prayers that are engaging and enjoyable, so I regularly turn to the ‘Tube’ for some visual inspiration. Here are some of my top videos for the classroom that I believe can inspire a love for Jesus and his Church.

Ascension Presents: Fr Mike Schmitz

In this weekly series of question based videos, young American priest Fr Mike Schmitz addresses many different topics relating to the faith. In an open and honest way, these videos confront both the big and small issues that youth are faced with today. Anything from basic prayer to moral issues, Fr Mike takes you on a journey and answers many of the questions that young people have, but don’t always have the answer to.

Catholic Morning Prayer

Starting with a little Gregorian chant, sung in Latin, this video covers many solid Catholic prayers. It begins with an act of Adoration and Thanksgiving before moving into familiar prayers and ending with some unfamiliar. This is a great video that can be used across a series of lessons to introduce non-mainstream prayer and to explore their origins and the reasons we say them.

Salve Regina

The Latin ‘Salve Regina’, known in English as ‘Hail, Holy, Queen’, is a prayer and hymn dedicated to our blessed Mother Mary.

In this inspirational and award-winning video, Franciscan Friar of the Immaculate, Gabriel Cortes uses his vocal and skateboarding talents to show students the importance of exercising the mind, as well as the soul. This engaging and entertaining video hooks students instantly with its intimate beauty in both visuals and vocals, showing them that we can glorify God in all that we do.

Baby got Book

Want to encourage your students to read the Bible? Look no further. This cheesy Christian parody of the classic 90’s rap ‘Baby got Back’ has it all, but most importantly at its core is a good message – that the Bible is for everyone.

It’s light-hearted and catchy rhymes are lovable and will have all your students singing along, and hopefully reading the Bible afterwards too!

The Mystery of the Mass

For Catholics, the Mass is the highest form of prayer, yet many teenagers do not understand what is happening when they are in attendance. ‘Altaration: The Mystery of the Mass Revealed’ is a unique learning experience, designed to guide and help students to come to experience the beauty and mystery of the Mass.

In this clip from the series, Jackie Francois looks at what it means when we say ‘Amen’ when we receive the Eucharist.

Be Thou My Vision

Originally a traditional Irish ‘lorica’ or prayer for protection, this modern take from Audrey Assad is excellent for reflective activities.

It is in reflection that students can come to know how they can make a difference in their lives and in the lives of others.

Along with its peaceful and natural backdrop, the words of this beautiful prayer allow us to ask God to not only protect us, but to also be our vision
– our wisdom
– our presence
– our light.

Prayer of St Francis

The first line of this graceful prayer, Lord make me an instrument of your peace’, is one that can resonate with all teachers.

The simplicity of St Francis can inspire us to respond to the Christian call to action in our lives.

It is in giving, that we receive, and this prayer can help both teachers and students to understand that the Catholic faith is not just words, but something that we live out daily to help us all to be the best versions of ourselves as well as instruments of peace in this world.


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