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Playlist: Family stories

Elise Ho  |  07 August 2019

Family stories as represented in song, word and movie.

Song: ‘Brother’ by Kodaline

Kodaline’s heart-rending song explores sorrow, hope and healing.

The lyrics focus on being separated from someone you’re close to. The haunting music video focuses on the story of a grieving boy who gets up after dark to play with his late older brother.

‘Everyone’s got that sibling or friend…’ Kodaline explains. ‘... whoever that you’re just so so close to that you can spend so long apart but then when you’re together it feels like you were never apart.’

Image: Drew de F Fawkes / Kodaline (Ellie Goulding & Friends)




Book: The Secret Horses Of Briar Hill by Megan Shepherd

Set in a children’s hospital in WWII, Megan Shepherd’s story reveals the strength of family regardless of blood.

Uncertain of her family’s whereabouts after her home is destroyed in flames, young Emmaline resorts to the flying horses she believes she sees on the other side of mirrors.

She later discovers an injured winged horse in the gardens, forming a companionship with the creature as she cares for it. This magical connection gives her hope amid a backdrop of violence, separated families and illness.

Despite the doubts in what she believes, her carers encourage her to live true to herself and dream.



Movie: Gifted (2017)

Gifted shares the life of single man, Frank (Chris Evans) and his little niece, Mary (Mckenna Grace), for whom he is the legal guardian.

Mary is a child prodigy caught up in a custody battle between her cold grandmother’s plans for her to excel in mathematics, and Frank’s wishes for her to live an ordinary childhood.

This film describes the struggles in family when choosing the best for a loved one. Frank explores his purpose as his niece’s role model and the value in connecting to those around him for support. There are also plenty of sweet moments in Frank and Mary’s tight bond.


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