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Joy through the ages

Teagan Brunner  |  18 August 2020

Little bundle of joy, being tiny and young
Little tyke ready to explore, break free
Balloons blown up, the bunting hung
Little smiling face drowned in glee.

Toys, games, not clothes again!
Chasing presents, seeking cake
Quick! Running after my friends
Eating that much was a mistake.

Parties everywhere, in a new routine
Somewhere new, the numbered balloon
Gifts, cash and jewellery of opaline
Deep into night, partying with the moon.

House-party, mates ready and keen
Forgetting all school work for now
Morning after the fun, needs a houseclean
Let’s travel, we will get there somehow.

Responsibility? No thanks I’m already done
Clubs or maybe a spontaneous midnight drive
Days on the beach, drenched in rays of sun
What’ll happen next, perhaps a skydive?

Beautiful views by traveling blissfully
Cruise ships and hotel sheets in silk
Bye roaring twenties, hello authority
Let’s bake, scones with buttermilk?

Entertaining my guests, I’ll be down shortly
Relax, time to destress with a glass of wine
Climbing up stairs, no where near as sporty
Feeling tired but great, heels off by nine.

A lovely little lunch, picnics are thrifty
Surrounded by green, aroma in the air
Friends buzzing, butterflies flittering
Covered in love, no time to spare.

Dinner reserved, somewhere surely ritzy
Around the table, expressions of delight
Old faces, fond memories talking swiftly
The night of this birthday, a lovely sight.

Afternoon tea, waiting for them to arrive
Later in the evening family content as can be
Floral bouquets, sweet treats all so divine
Many wonderful memories, perfection to me.

Dinner reservations with my family
Their eyes gleaming with pride
I stare smiling, gazing gratefully
My loved ones all here by my side.


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