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Imagining a better world – questions and activities

Michele Frankeni  |  13 August 2020

Read Playlist: Imagining a better world and Gaming the Gospels: My Garden of Eden in the winter 2020 edition of Australian Catholics and take part in the following activities.


  1. Discuss the movies mentioned in the Playlist. Have you seen them? Do you agree with the analysis of the author? Australian Catholics often analyses movies, TV programs, books and music to highlight Biblical and social justice messages. Search the website for examples.
  2. Using some broad themes, such as environment, family, social justice (which can encompass gender and race relations, diversity, prison reform, social economic reform) and conflict, put together a list of movies or TV programs that would sit under those themes. Choose a couple of movies and write a short essay analysing their messages. Why is the movie important to you? Does it inspire you to take action? Why and how?
  3. Act out a scene you find particularly powerful and have the class discuss whether it influenced them the same way. Are you able to find Bible passages that relate to the theme of the movie?
  4. Take part in the My Garden of Eden activity. Discuss and implement ways you can make a small ‘Garden of Eden’ at home or at school.


Read or summarise Playlist: Imagining a better world and Gaming the Gospels: My Garden of Eden in the winter 2020 edition of Australian Catholics. Ask the students to talk about TV programs or movies they watch. Ask them to say what they like about them and what they think the messages from the program are.

Ask them to take part in the My Garden of Eden activity.

Be a flower in God’s Garden activity

Talk about the beauty in all the different kinds of flowers they see in nature. Also discuss the differences and beauty among all the people they see.

Invite each of the students to make a beautiful flower that will be a reminder of their own beauty as well as that of a beautiful flower.

Suggest that they use whatever colours they would like to cut out and construct a flower, stem, and leaves. Then they should paste their flowers together.

Display all the flowers as you thank God together for all creation and pray that you will all respect the world and the people in it.



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