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Gaming the Gospels: Joyful Christmas surprises

02 November 2020

This activity could be held in the week before Advent, and continue until Christmas.

Begin by reading Luke 2: 8 – 14. Get the students to reflect on what it would have been like for the shepherds to be surprised by the joyful news of the birth of Jesus. Then ask them to think about when they have been surprised by something joyful in their life.

For the activity, ask the students to think of something that brings them joy that they could share with their classmates during homeroom. It might be a song they like, a short video clip on Youtube, or even a tasty treat. Students can then contribute their ‘joyful surprise’ to a class Advent basket for the cost of $2 (with all the money going to a Catholic charity).

Each day during Advent, take it in turns to pick out a ‘joyful surprise’ from the basket that could be shared with the whole class. As you do so, you might also like to share a brief prayer of thanks to Jesus for all the joy that we experience in our lives, and a prayer for those who are poor and struggling, that they too might find what they need.


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