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Gaming the Gospels: Doing God's will

22 August 2018

gaming the gospelsThis game explores what it means to be part of Jesus’ Church. It’s inspired by Mark 3: 13-34, where Jesus appoints his 12 apostles, and then later says, ‘Whoever does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother.’

Read or describe the Gospel story to the students, highlighting in particular the last line from Jesus. Ask them what Jesus means when he says this.

Next, play a game of ‘Simon Says’, except instead of ‘Simon’ say ‘Jesus’. The winner is the last person standing.

When the game is finished, ask the students to reflect on what it means to follow Jesus’ will, and the times that we don’t follow what Jesus wants us to do. Would Jesus kick them out of the Church in the same way that they were kicked out of the game? What would Jesus do instead?


Topic tags: prayerliturgyandthesacraments, valuesandmoraldecision-making

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