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Celebrations – questions and activities

Michele Frankeni  |  20 August 2020

Read All the world’s a celebration in the spring 2020 edition of Australian Catholics and take part in the following questions and activities.


  • What are the significant festivals/events in your life? Your church? Your community?
  • How do you celebrate them? Is there special clothing? Foods? Stories?
  • What is the history behind the festival/celebration?
  • What traditions does your family have for events?


  • Compare and contrast Christian religious rites such as baptism, Eucharist and confirmation with the festivals mentioned in the article. Are there similiarities in foods, celebrations and intent? What are the differences? You may either write an essay or develop a poster to illustrate your points.
  • Think about the role food plays in your family and community celebrations. As a class, develop a recipe book. Ask students to provide recipes for celebratory foods, as well as a few sentences about when this food is eaten and why it is important.


Read or summarise All the world’s a celebration in the spring 2020 edition of Australian Catholics and ask the students to talk about celebrations in their lives. How do they celebrate birthdays or festivals? Do they have traditions for Australia Day/Chinese New Year/Easter/Passover/Anzac Day/Diwali?

Talk with the students about how the Liturgical Year is divided into seasons with their own colours, traditions and relevant psalms.

Ask the children to make banners for each season – Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Pentecost and Ordinary Time.

As a large group think of symbols that could be used to represent each of the seasons, such as an advent wreath, star for Christmas, crown of thorns or cross for Easter, empty tomb for Easter, fire, dove or wind for Pentecost and flowers, loaves and fishes for Ordinary Time.

Divide the students into small groups and decide which liturgical season each group will represent. Give each group a large piece of felt of the relevant colour to each group.

Ask each group to design a banner by using at least one of the symbols and some part of a psalm suggested below for each season.

Advent: Psalm 72
Christmas: Psalm 24, Psalm 96, Psalm 98
Lent: Psalm 51, Psalm 130
Easter: Psalm 117, Psalm 118, Psalm 150
Pentecost: Psalm 104:1, 24, 29-30
Ordinary Time: Psalm 27, Psalm 34, Psalm 100


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