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AC+ resources on the Sacrament of Baptism

Editors  |  02 March 2021

For our AC+ subscribers: Here are some resources that might be helpful in engaging students in reflection and conversation around the Sacrament of Baptism. 


Explorations: Keeping faith real
When we think of faith we often imagine people praying alone, thinking religious thoughts, and believing religious things. We imagine faith being in the mind and heart, not in doing things. Yet faith is as much about what we do as what we believe. The sacraments help keep our faith grounded in community and in action. 

Baptism: With great power comes great responsibility
Baptism is the beginning of a heroic quest for God – for those brave followers who choose to accept it. 
PLUS: Reflection questions and activities for students.


Our journey in faith

Embarking on the journey to Christ
The sacraments are there to help Catholics strengthen our relationship with Jesus. Many may take that for granted, but speak to some students who recently undertook the sacraments for the first time, and you can understand the profound impact they can have on how we live our lives.

Explorations: Teaching Catholicism
When we think of Church Teaching we often imagine the Pope speaking in Rome. But if we think of people learning faith, we are more likely to imagine children sitting in a classroom. The two images go together because they correspond to two questions we ask about teaching faith. They describe different processes. We can ask how people learn about faith and how they are taught. We can also ask how we can make sure that what they learn is right. In this Explorations, we shall look at both these questions.

Listening to the Holy Spirit: A Church where everybody leads
Dr Chris Lowney, author of Heroic Leadership and Everybody Leads among other books, about how all Catholics can take responsibility in the next phase of the life of the Church in Australia. 'We need folks to understand that their baptismal promise involves some need for them to help out by stepping up and showing some leadership.'

Our greatest happiness
Discovering what we should do with our lives means looking at the gifts we have, and how we are called to use them for others.

Why I'm happy to be a godfather
Becoming a godparent is a great privilege, and an immense responsibility. I'm proud be a godfather for my niece because I hope that the Catholic faith will inspire her to great things in the same way that it has inspired millions throughout history. It also challenges me to be a better person, understanding that the sort of person I am will shape who she becomes.



All the world's a celebration
All around the world, people have found different ways to celebrate the things that are important to them. One of our young editors decided to explore some celebrations that might seem strange to us, but have a special significance for many people. The baby jumping festival is actually an imitation baptismal ceremony for newborn babies, and is considered to absolve them of sin and provide them with protection against illness and misfortune.
PLUS: Reflection questions and activities for students


Exploring the Gospel stories

Homily Notes: Baptism of the Lord - Year A (Matt 3: 13-17)
It is appropriate to read this particular Gospel at every baptism. Each and every Christian has the right to hear, ‘You are my beloved son/my beloved daughter, on whom my favour rests’, personally addressed to him or her by God.

Homily Notes: Baptism of the Lord - Year B (Mark 1:7-11)
Mark’s introduction of Jesus is very striking. Jesus does not drop down out of heaven like a god but simply emerges out of the common mass of repentant Israelites approaching John for baptism.

Homily Notes: Baptism of the Lord - Year C (Luke 3:15-16, 21-22)
Luke’s account begins with a notice about “a feeling of expectancy” that had arisen among the people. What they are “expecting” of course is appearance of the long-promised Messiah.

Scripture Reflection: God's Covenant (Mark 1:12-15)
Lent is closely associated with God’s Covenant and with baptism, and the readings this Sunday strongly underline this.



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