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AC+ resources on ANZAC Day

Editors  |  30 March 2021

For our AC+ subscribers: Here are some resources that might be helpful in engaging students in reflection and conversation around ANZAC Day.

Articles and reflections

The ANZAC spirit of service
The spirit of Catholic education operates in tandem with the secular ideals inspired by the Anzacs. However, Catholic service is more than facing our foes with grit and courage. Jesus sets forward a greater challenge; to love our enemies and do good to those who hate us.
PLUS Reflection questions and activities for students

The changing tides of the Great War
While Catholic leaders joined their Christian brethren in supporting World War I at its outbreak, attitudes at home and abroad changed as the conflict took its deathly toll. As we prepare to mark the anniversary of this devastating conflict, historian Val Noone looks back at the experiences of Australians at the time.
PLUS Reflection questions and activities for students

Once lost, now found
In the lead up to ANZAC Day, WWI history and religious tradition blur on the Western Front for a young writer. 'Amazing Grace is a song about forgiveness, about God’s mercy redeeming a wretched soul who has strayed from religion. It’s haunting to ponder how many soldiers like Robertson must have prayed to God for mercy as they went over the top.'
PLUS Reflection questions and activities for students

Young writer: What Gallipoli means to me
The Gallipoli Centenary is an opportunity for young people to reflect on the last 100 years and remember what the soldiers endured for their comrades and for the freedom of our nation. With the death of Alec Campbell, the last living Anzac, in May 2002, the responsibility of maintaining the legacy and the spirit of the Anzacs now rests with my generation.

ANZAC Day 2020
This year the celebration of Anzac Day will necessarily be modest in its exclusion of marches and gatherings. It should also be modest in its rhetoric, forsaking any glorification of the day that would make the acts of generosity and bravery displayed in battle typical of the nation today or of its leaders. It should focus on the grief of the day and the more domestic virtues displayed in the aftermath of war and the flu that followed it.

Young writer: Re-discovering what's important
COVID-19 progressed, restrictions became more strict, and ANZAC Day was soon upon us. Perhaps it was because we’d had more time to prepare, but this time Australians found more ways to commemorate this important event.



ANZAC Day liturgy resource
This liturgy can take place in a classroom, hall or chapel.  You will need a cross, an Australian flag, a bunch of red poppies or poppies that may have been made by students, a pot or sprig of Rosemary.

ANZAC Day prayer ritual
Suggestions for an ANZAC Day liturgy service (prepared in the wake of the Christchurch massacre).



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