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25 years of Australian Catholics

Michael McVeigh  |  19 September 2018

In 1993, the Australian Jesuits partnered with Vinnies, the Pontifical Mission Society and the Australian Catholic Health Care Association to launch a new magazine for the Catholic community. A quarter of a century later, Australian Catholics continues to chronicle the lives of Catholics on the ground and provide a forum for discerning how God is calling us to respond to the needs of the world today.

Australian Catholics magazine brings to light stories of Catholics both well-known and not-so-well-known. It seeks to find God in our world, often in unexpected places. It shines a light on social justice issues, giving voice to those on the margins. And it provides encouragement and support to those in schools and parishes tasked with carrying on the mission of the Church in times of great change.

Bringing faith to life

The interviews that Australian Catholics has featured over the years have provided something refreshing to the media landscape. They showed that even though we might rarely find people discussing their beliefs in mainstream media, Australians still have a deep desire for meaning and spirituality, and experiences that are worth sharing.

Many accomplished writers have helped shape this approach to faith, showing how the Church engages with issues that are important to people, and how prayer and spirituality can be a part of people’s daily lives.

Over the years, we have also supported many younger writers, giving them a voice in the Church that they haven’t had before.

The heart of our mission has been consistent for 25 years – to connect Australians with God.

Thank you for joining us in that mission.

Ten of our favourites

Trying to do a ‘best of’ list of Australian Catholics articles over the years is impossible.

So instead, here’s a list of some articles that show how we’ve tried to bring faith and life together over the years.

My monastery is silver

by Terry Monagle

‘How and where can I pray during the working day?’

A spiritual day in the life of one of the magazine’s most gifted writers, who died in 2008.

The Deanes of Yarralumla

by Ray Cassin

An interview with Australia’s first Catholic Governor General, William Deane, and wife, Helen, exploring the issues they’re most passionate about.

My enemies are just like myself

by Peter Thomas

The Dalai Lama discusses, among other things, his friendship with Catholic monk Thomas Merton. ‘When he quoted the Buddha I quoted Jesus and we laughed together like friends.’

Why Sunday Mass?

by Andrew Hamilton

In the very first Explorations piece, Andy Hamilton explores why Sunday Mass attendance is such an important part of Catholicism.

Our dreaming place

by Regina Lane

Regina Lane describes the closing of her parish church at Crossley in Victoria, and the community’s campaign to save a significant part of their history.

How to be good

by Brian Doyle

A manifesto from one of the great spiritual writers.

‘What you do now, today, in these next few minutes, matters more than I can tell you. It advances the universe two inches.’

A letter to Santa

by Michael McGirr

Former Australian Catholics editor and current columnist Michael McGirr informs Santa that Australia’s border police won’t be allowing him into the country this year.

Harry Potter and the Seven Heavenly Virtues

by Michael McVeigh

Bringing together pop culture and faith, this article takes a look at how the Harry Potter series may be used to teach children an important part of the Catholic tradition.

Discovering God for yourself

by Neve Mahony, Gerry Vytilingam, Jemimah McMurray

Members of our young writers community remember their Confirmation experiences. ‘I’m sure at the time I didn’t know what “fortitude” was, but I was glad to receive it.’

Chief Magistrate Mum

by Kate Moriarty

In her first article for the magazine, current columnist Kate Moriarty describes her approach to being the Family Ombudsman. ‘”Mumbudsman”? No. Sorry. That’s terrible.’


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