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PrayerBlog: Praying during the royal commission

07 Jul 2015 | Michael McVeigh

Australian Catholics' editor Michael McVeigh reflects on how we can turn our attention to others during the Royal Commission.

PrayerBlog: Laudato Sii or No?

01 Jul 2015 | Bishop Michael Kennedy

Not everyone is happy about what Pope Francis has had to say in Laudato Si', his encyclical letter on the environment. One critic described the document as ‘a mixture of junk science, junk economics and junk ethics’ which, if followed, would prevent the world's poor escaping poverty.

PrayerBlog: When #LoveMakesAWay

22 Jun 2015 | Susan Connelly RSJ

Love Makes a Way (Depicted on social media with the hashtag #LoveMakesAWay) is an ecumenical group formed in response to the government’s statement to would-be refugees that ‘No Way’ would they ever receive refuge in Australia if they came by boat. 

PrayerBlog: Big and small: pictures of refugees

18 Jun 2015 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ reflects on the big and small picture of the world’s refugee crisis.

PrayerBlog: On loving, leaving and learning: In Gratitude for Consecrated Life

27 May 2015 | Natalie Gordon

It probably seems a little unusual to offer a reflection on the Year of Consecrated Life as a woman who doesn’t belong to a religious community or institute. 

PrayerBlog: Contemplating God's love

27 May 2015 | Genevieve Nicoll

I compose blog posts in my head. Words and ideas are given birth deep within and then freed after a bit of pondering. Some of the blogs that I have written are the result of a lightning bolt of inspiration; a seed planted which just kept growing. Some are impatient and do not let go until the last word is written, the last thought expressed. This blog, however, has sat with me for over a month. I think, patiently waiting for me to learn enough to articulate it.

PrayerBlog: On my knees

25 May 2015 | Christina Rocha

I have been resenting my knee exercises recently.  I know they’re good for me, and as my physiotherapist keeps on reminding me, my knees will not get stronger unless I regularly do my exercises.  But I keep on finding other things to do with my spare time other than said knee exercises: sleep, catching up with friends throughout the week, bike riding, hiking, swimming, gardening, reading, crocheting, anything really, other than those blasted knee exercises.

PrayerBlog: When faith isn't enough

19 May 2015 | Frances Morton

Like everyone, I’ve had some hard times in my life. Almost twenty years ago was one of the hardest, when I found out that something pretty bad happened to a close family member.

PrayerBlog: Tweet others with love: Pope Francis on Social Media

14 May 2015 | Beth Doherty

Beth Doherty, editor of PrayOnline, reflects on Pope Francis’ twitter phenomen in ‘Tweet others with love: Pope Francis on Social Media’

PrayerBlog: Learning motherhood

06 May 2015 | Liz Lillis

It was with an air of expectancy last Mother’s Day when I called Mum to chat on the phone. I was 36 weeks pregnant and the doctor had told me I'd have my first child within days thus beginning my own Motherhood journey.

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