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    Liturgy: Reconciliation Liturgy

    Geraldine Martin |  In our Catholic Schools today we have students from many countries, students of many colours and students of many different religions. Sometimes our backgrounds unite us, other times they divide us. In the world we are divided into university graduates or tradesmen, workers or unemployed, young and old, wealthy and poor. Some are popular and others feel inadequate; we have different levels of faith and of love of God. Our past experience of hurt and happiness, of failure and success, of home and of love, all make us what we are. In the Catholic faith, the Sacrament of Penance is a sacrament not only of forgiveness, but of healing divisions.
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    St James reminds the Church of its mission

    Peter Fleming  |  The mercy of God must lead us to mercy between people.
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    Year of Mercy 2016

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Magazine Features

Popping the bubble: Waking up to climate change

Clare Deignan | 01 Jun 2016

Last year Pope Francis released his encyclical Laudato Si’ (On Care for our common home) and placed protecting the planet and its people as a top priority of Catholic social teaching. Catholic Earthcare Australia, the ecological agency of the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference founded in 2002, applauded the Pope’s work. To aid his efforts, Catholic Earthcare recently created a workshop to engage youth with Laudato Si’ and inspire them to take action. Tess Corkish is the Youth Engagement Officer at Catholic Earthcare and leads the Laudato Si’ youth workshops.

Finding a new path

Robert Fedele | 01 Jun 2016

A unique education course offered by Australian Catholic University is helping disadvantaged people from across the country reclaim their lives.

Under an orange sky

Beth Doherty | 01 Jun 2016

The 2016 Young Australians of the Year – Nick Marchesi and Lucas Patchett – first became passionate about social justice when they were students at St Joseph’s College in Brisbane. With the Orange Sky Laundry, they have found a way to make a real difference in the lives of homeless Australians.

Mercy prayer: Group prayer for peace

Peter Fleming | 01 Jun 2016

This prayer is to be done in a group setting. The process is based on that used by the Christian Life Community, an Ignatian prayer movement. It has been adapted to focus on Pope John Paul II’s ‘Prayer for peace’.

Mercy notes: Mercy in social justice

Peter Fleming | 01 Jun 2016

Social justice is a globalised form of mercy.

Can love make a way to justice?

Brigidine Sister Jane Keogh | 01 Jun 2016

The Love Makes A Way movement has seen Christians across the country take part in sit-in protests in the offices of politicians from both major political parties. Their objective is to bring to an end to the offshore detention of people who seek asylum in Australia. The protesters risk arrest and imprisonment to be heard. We asked Brigidine Sister Jane Keogh to share what it was like to be one of them.

The March of mercy

Brian Doyle  | 01 Jun 2016

Who deserves mercy?

The Corporal Works of Mercy (in Steven Spielberg movies)

Nicola Nemaric and Thea Kurniawan | 01 Jun 2016

The Catholic Church has traditionally encouraged us to understand, meditate upon and follow the practice of merciful love by dividing works of mercy into two kinds: corporal (bodily) and spiritual. The corporal works of mercy are acts through which we help our neighbours with their material and physical needs.

A just immersion

Anna Watt | 01 Jun 2016

Ensuring our interactions with communities in need are positive ones.


My first social justice experience

Various  | 01 Jun 2016

We asked members of our young writers’ community to share their first experiences of social justice.

More Stories

AC Classroom: Dreaming of a different future

Kate Mani | 01 Jun 2016

What do you do when a program you believe in is threatened with closure?

St James reminds the Church of its mission

Peter Fleming  | 01 Jun 2016

The mercy of God must lead us to mercy between people.

Home Truths: Mercy me

Kate Moriarty | 01 Jun 2016

Sometimes I feel like I have to wait for my children to move out before I can become a holy person. Or a sane person.

Playlist: Justice and mercy

Sinead Goodfellow | 01 Jun 2016

Helping you find a passion for justice.

Regular features

A letter to a runner

Michael McGirr | 01 Jun 2016

Dear David Rudisha,

I am writing to wish you well for the Olympic Games coming up shortly in Rio. It hardly seems four years since you blitzed the field to win the 800m men’s final in London, 2012. That event has been hailed as one of the great races of history. Every competitor broke the previous world record.

Explorations: Justice and compassion

Andrew Hamilton | 01 Jun 2016

Social justice is about more than offering charity. It’s asking questions about why people are in need in the first place.

Unguarded moments: Unfeasible love

Ann Rennie | 01 Jun 2016

Mercy isn’t about ticking boxes.

Recipe Vegetable and cashew korma

Brendon ‘The Smiling Chef’ D’Souza | 01 Jun 2016

When the weather gets cooler, it’s time to cook with some bold spicy flavours and hearty vegetables. This vegetable and cashew korma will put a smile on your face this winter.

Editorial: Mercy in social justice

Michael McVeigh | 01 Jun 2016

In this, the third in our Year of Mercy editions for 2016, 
we look at mercy in social justice.