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    Light amid the darkness

    Caitlin Hardy |  Do we need the sad times to teach us to value the good times?
  • Feature Article

    Liturgy for Father’s Day

    Geraldine Martin  |  A liturgy for fathers and carers to use this Father’s Day.
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Magazine Features

A voyage of discovery

Bridget Chadwick | 20 Aug 2015

Just five years ago, at the age of 16, Jessica Watson broke records and defied expectations to become the youngest person to sail solo nonstop around the world. Bridget Chadwick speaks to her about her experiences, and what it taught her about enjoying life while working to achieve her goals.

Immersed in blessings

Bridget Chadwick | 20 Aug 2015

Rosie Cooper is a teacher who spent four weeks on an Edmund Rice immersion in Tanzania and Kenya. She talks to Bridget Chadwick about the experience.

Preserving nature's gifts

Ella Brennan | 20 Aug 2015

The earth and its ecosystems are blessings that we are slowly destroying. If we don’t do something to change our behaviour, the following places may not exist for future generations.

The maths of inequality

Caitlin Hardy | 20 Aug 2015

School can suck, right? Getting up early. Handing in those pesky assignments that tend to just continuously build up. Listening to boring teachers all day. It makes me sleepy just thinking about it. But what if we looked at a day in the life of a student living in a developing country? Suddenly our problems seem a bit trivial.

Finding a voice

Ruby O'Sullivan-Belfrage | 20 Aug 2015

Young people are our country’s future, but that doesn’t mean they can’t use their gifts and play a role in its present as well. A group of students in Melbourne is working to empower and engage their peers to be part of the national conversation in areas such as refugee policy.

Asking God's blessing

Angelique Milevski | 20 Aug 2015

Do different faiths have different ideas about what it is to pray to God for a blessing? We asked an Orthodox priest and a Jewish rabbi.

Light amid the darkness

Caitlin Hardy | 20 Aug 2015

Do we need the sad times to teach us to value the good times?

About a boy

Angelique Milevski | 20 Aug 2015

Is it worth ditching your faith if it helps you get your dream boyfriend? Should we really have to hide parts of ourselves in order to be accepted? A teenager takes her dilemma straight to the top.

The voices in our minds

Ruby O'Sullivan-Belfrage | 20 Aug 2015

Let me introduce you to my conscience.

More Stories

Beacons of hope

Roxanne Moussalem and Angelique Milevski | 20 Aug 2015

Many people face darkness and struggles in their lives. Some manage to transcend them and become inspirations to us all.


Understanding and overcoming anxiety

Roxanne Moussalem | 20 Aug 2015

It’s a serious condition that affects many Australians, yet few seek treatment.

What am I grateful for?

 | 20 Aug 2015

Photographer Peter Casamento gave the students some tips on taking a good shot, then sent them out to capture something they’re grateful for in their lives.

From attitude to gratitude

Roxanne Moussalem | 20 Aug 2015

I want so much/To look in the mirror and say I’m beautiful/And be shown love.

Regular features

Welcome: Count your blessings

Bridget Chadwick | 21 Aug 2015

For a week in May, I and five other girls had the pleasure of working at Australian Catholics magazine and helping to produce the Spring edition.

Playlist: Gratitude edition

Bridget Chadwick | 20 Aug 2015

It’s not always easy to see the silver linings on the clouds, but these movies, songs and books can help.

AC classroom: A waste of life

 | 20 Aug 2015

Australians from all walks of life joined the campaign to save the lives of two Australian drug smugglers, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, sentenced to death in Indonesia. The campaign was unsuccessful, but their stories highlighted the complex issues around the death penalty, and the wastefulness of life that it represents.