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    Hey, St Jude

    Andrew Hamilton |  Australian Catholics takes a deeper look at some popular prayers in the Catholic tradition.

Magazine Features

Finding a way through

Clare Deignan | 27 Oct 2014

Across Australia, 3 million people are living with anxiety and depression. It’s a difficult road to walk, not just for sufferers, but also their family and friends. Graham has lived with anxiety and depression for more than a decade. He shares his story with Australian Catholics.

The long walk to spiritual freedom

Catherine Marshall | 27 Oct 2014

The darkest period of her life was a starting point for Joanna Thyer’s spiritual journey.

The Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge

Clare Deignan | 27 Oct 2014

As Christians, hopefulness is not about walking through the world with rose coloured glasses, but believing that God will be with us no matter what trials we face. However, being a hopeful person is a bit of a workout. Here are 12 exercises that you can practice over 12 days this Christmas season, to keep your hope ‘muscles’ strong.

A new dawn in Dili

Paul Stewart | 27 Oct 2014

Nearly 15 years after East Timor achieved its independence, the hope that drove its people throughout the Indonesian occupation continues to drive them in building for the future.

The Expendables of the Bible

Various | 27 Oct 2014

Just because the world has forgotten us, it doesn’t mean that God has. Who are the Bible’s biggest hopeless cases, and how did they find faith? We asked some of our young writers to go digging.

More Stories

The cost of saying nothing

Michael McVeigh | 27 Oct 2014

Silence has been one of he main causes of the abuse crisis, says Patricia Feenan. Just reaching out and speaking to survivors and their families can make a world of difference.

Sharing the Christmas joy

Michael McVeigh | 27 Oct 2014

Millions of children across Australia will wake up to stockings full of presents on Christmas morning this year. But while Santa might be delivering these presents via the North Pole, how much thought do we put into where the presents are being manufactured in the first place?

Miracles small and large

John Coleman | 27 Oct 2014

Thousands of people make pilgrimages to sacred sites each year, hoping for intercession to help them through an illness or difficulty, or a connection with something beyond the mundane world. John Coleman shares his experiences visiting three Marian shrines.

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 | 27 Oct 2014

Order your AC+ subscription for 2015 now to ensure you continue to be able to access our archive of stories and classroom resources. 

The world will say you are silly!

Brian Doyle | 27 Oct 2014

Receiving some off-the-cuff wisdom from one of the world’s most respected religious leaders.

A Christmas wishlist

Yazmine Lomax | 27 Oct 2014

Dear Santa, here are some gifts I’d really love to wake up to on Christmas morning.

Regular features

It’s a wonderful life

Ann Rennie | 27 Oct 2014

At Christmas we celebrate Christ’s birth and the hope that it brings. But that hope is reborn with each new life that is brought into the world.

Hey, St Jude

Andrew Hamilton | 27 Oct 2014

Australian Catholics takes a deeper look at some popular prayers in the Catholic tradition.

Living in hope

Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ | 27 Oct 2014

There are few aspects of the human condition as beautiful, and as fragile, as hope. But is it something that we can learn to live more deeply?

A letter to Robin Williams

Michael McGirr | 27 Oct 2014

Dear Robin Williams, I was so sad to hear of your sudden death in August. For many years, whenever I had to think of the people I had to invite to my ideal dinner party, your name was always on the list.

Recipe: Muffuletta

Brendon D'Souza | 27 Oct 2014

Just in time for summer, we’ve got the perfect sandwich recipe that’s big enough to feed the whole family.

God's gift to the losers

Michael McVeigh | 27 Oct 2014

What makes hope perhaps God’s greatest gift is that it’s aimed not at winners, but almost exclusively at the losers of the world.

Playlist: Christmas songs of hope

Meaghan O'Connor | 27 Oct 2014

Some hopeful tunes to raise the family’s spirits this Christmas.