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    Explorations: Fairness and love

    Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ |  Fairness begins with a concern for our own needs and desires, and extends to being aware of the needs and desires of others and the needs of our society as a whole. But is there more to healthy community life than fairness?
  • Feature Article

    Online exclusive: I am African and I am Australian

    Anei Thou |  Anei Thou, a refugee from Sudan, reflects on his family's refugee story and his hope for their future.
  • Feature Article

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Magazine Features

After the bounce

Robert Fedele | 27 May 2015

AFL umpires coach Hayden Kennedy has made a living out of playing by the rules. We speak to him about fairness on and off the field.

Sharing light in Uganda

Lauren Muscat | 27 May 2015

The life of a teenage girl in Mannya, Uganda, is very different to the life of a teenage girl in Australia. Wanting to support these girls so they might have more opportunities, teenager Sarah Kenworthy decided to turn to her community. 

Divine injustice

Peter Fleming | 27 May 2015

Was Jesus fair in the way he expected people to treat each other? 

House rules

Clare Deignan | 27 May 2015

We’ve all heard it. Some of us have used it. The desperate protest favoured by kids and teenagers: ‘It’s just not fair!’ But Australian psychologist and author Steve Biddulph says what’s really not fair is that today’s kids are being robbed of their childhoods by too much exposure to the adult world. 

Check your privilege

Anna Watt | 27 May 2015

Before we can start working on building a fairer world, we should understand where disadvantage exists in our society. How socially aware are you? Try our quiz to find out. 

Chief Magistrate Mum

Kate Moriarty | 27 May 2015

Order! Order! The Court of Mum is now in session. 

More Stories

Online exclusive: Getting involved

Thea Kurniawan | 27 May 2015

How do we encourage young people to look beyond their own lives and get passionate about making a difference for others? We talk to Jarrad Stewart, the State Youth Coordinator for the St Vincent de Paul Society Western Australia. 

Environment status report

Thea Ormerod | 27 May 2015

Fairness isn’t only about our responsibility to each other – it’s also about our responsibility to future generations. Are Catholic communities doing enough for the environment? 


Investing during lean times

Michael McVeigh | 27 May 2015

Proposed changes to the federal government’s welfare system have been the subject of much debate over the last 12 months. We speak to Catholic Social Services Australia CEO Marcelle Mogg about what a fair social welfare system might look like. 

Accompanying with love

Michele Gierck | 27 May 2015

When the next generation becomes the carers. 

Beginner's guide to fair trade

William Warren | 27 May 2015

Can your spending choices really have a positive impact on people around the world? They can if the products you’re purchasing are fair trade products. Here are five more things you might not know about fair trade. 

Trade built on relationships

Yazmine Lomax | 27 May 2015

Amy Cook, a Year 12 student at Padua College on the Mornington Peninsula, travelled to East Timor with a group of fellow students in 2014 as part of the school’s biannual immersion experience and relief mission. 

Regular features

Explorations: Fairness and love

Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ | 27 May 2015

Fairness begins with a concern for our own needs and desires, and extends to being aware of the needs and desires of others and the needs of our society as a whole. But is there more to healthy community life than fairness?  

The way, the truth and the fair go

Ann Rennie | 27 May 2015

Is the fair go in danger of being lost in contemporary Australia? 

Behind the prayer: How's the serenity?

Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ | 27 May 2015

Australian Catholics takes a look behind another popular prayer in the Catholic tradition.

Playlist: Fair play

Monique Pueblos | 27 May 2015

This edition’s movie list is all about fair play. 

A letter to Thomas Merton

Michael McGirr | 27 May 2015

I don’t know wether or not they have birthday cake in heaven but I am writing to wish you many happy returns for your 100th birthday this year.

AC Classroom: Advance Australia fair

Neve Mahoney | 27 May 2015

If you were prime minister for a day, how would you make Australia a fairer place? 

Recipe: Middle Eastern tear-and-share board

Brendon D'Souza | 27 May 2015

Add some spice to your mealtime with this easy Middle Eastern tear-and-share board (with dips).