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    Catholics facing questions on family

    Michael McVeigh |  Discussions on the family are happening right across the Church this year.Australian Catholicseditor Michael McVeigh provides a guide to the Synods of Bishops on the Family.
  • Feature Article

    Marriage: Hope that leads to life

    Fatima Measham |  Two generations of the Pirola family discuss life, love and the sacrament of marriage.
  • Feature Article

    Young Journalist Award 2015

    Staff |  Australian Catholics magazine, in conjunction with Australian Catholic University, is proud to bring you the 2015 Young Journalist Award.
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Magazine Features

Marriage: Hope that leads to life

Fatima Measham | 23 Mar 2015

Two generations of the Pirola family discuss life, love and the sacrament of marriage. 

Communion: 'Do we have to go to Mass, Dad?'

Mark Reidy | 23 Mar 2015

The mystery of the Eucharist is tough to grasp at any age. But in this interview with the Batticci family from Western Australia, we see even the youngest family members can have a strong sense of how going to Mass each week is a good thing. 

Anointing of the sick: A sacramental presence

Catherine Marshall | 23 Mar 2015

For 15 years Fr Paul Bourke’s inland mission parish stretched all the way from Woomera in the south of South Australia to Uluru in the Northern Territory, encompassing isolated places like Oodnadatta, Coober Pedy and William Creek. Fr Bourke tells Catherine Marshall the region’s emptiness was filled in turn by a spiritual richness that could be felt most acutely when ministering to the dying and the bereaved – such as the time a helicopter crashed over Lake Eyre in 2011, killing the three ABC camera crew members on board.

Holy Orders: Falling for the priesthood

Fr Richard Leonard SJ | 23 Mar 2015

A Jesuit priest once asked an ordination class not if they were strong enough to be ordained, but if they were weak enough? At his own ordination, Fr Richard Leonard came to understand what this meant. 

Baptism: With great power comes great responsibility

Michael McVeigh | 23 Mar 2015

Baptism is the beginning of a heroic quest for God – for those brave followers who choose to accept it. 

Reconciliation: Standing in God's spotlight

Clare Deignan | 23 Mar 2015

Australian Catholics’ assistant editor Clare Deignan recalls how her first reconciliation caused her to fall in love with the sacrament and why she aspires to ‘popcorn sins’. 


Confirmation: Discovering God for yourself

Various | 23 Mar 2015

Confirmation is our chance to make our own choice to follow God. It’s where we receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit and become fully part of the Catholic community. We asked some of our young writers to look back on their confirmation, and what it meant for them

More Stories

All quiet on the classroom front

Clare Deignan | 23 Mar 2015

The students at Stella Maris Primary School in Beaumaris, Victoria are silent – at least for the first five minutes of the day. Legs crossed, eyes closed, lights dimmed, soft music playing, you might ask, ‘Is this a classroom?’ Yes, and shhh...they’re meditating.

Catholics facing questions on family

Michael McVeigh | 23 Mar 2015

Discussions on the family are happening right across the Church this year. Australian Catholics editor Michael McVeigh provides a guide to the Synods of Bishops on the Family. 

Regular features

AC Classroom: Breaking news - Jesus is the Son of God

Various | 23 Mar 2015

Thinking about how the Bible started as stories shared between early Christians got us thinking - how would journalists today cover the exploits of Jesus? We asked some of our young journalists to 'report' on the Biblical stories that inspired the sacraments. 

A letter to Desmond Tutu

Michael McGirr | 23 Mar 2015

Dear Archbishop Tutu, it’s hard to believe that you turn 84 this year. Even in the darkest days of South Africa’s apartheid regime, you embodied a hope and an optimism that always made you seem young. 

Behind the prayer: The Sign of the Cross

 | 23 Mar 2015

Australian Catholics takes a look behind another popular prayer in the Catholic tradition – the Sign of the Cross. 

Levelling up: The game of life

Michael McVeigh | 23 Mar 2015

We don’t normally think about video games when we think about sacraments in the Catholic Church. But in a sense, the sacraments are missions that we need to complete as Catholics. 

Shine on

Ann Rennie | 23 Mar 2015

The good Lord shines his light on all of us, especially at those moments when we make the sacraments. 

Playlist: Going sacramental

Rebecca Gauci | 23 Mar 2015

A sacraments-inspired movie playlist. 

Explorations: Keeping faith real

Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ | 23 Mar 2015

When we think of faith we often imagine people praying alone, thinking religious thoughts, and believing religious things. We imagine faith being in the mind and heart, not in doing things. Yet faith is as much about what we do as what we believe. The sacraments help keep our faith grounded in community and in action. 

Recipe: Mussel and sweet corn chowder

Brendon D'Souza | 23 Mar 2015

This rich, filling chowder recipe is a great way to celebrate Easter.