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The solitary connection we need

09 Aug 2017 | Hamish McGlinchey

In a world that seems ever more connected in so many different ways, there seem to be more lonely people than ever before. What can help people find comfort in their lives, to give them purpose, to help them through adversity?

Catholic Teacher Blog: Headmaster of St Patrick College, Ballarat at the Royal Commission

22 Mar 2017

The following is the Royal Commission hearings transcript from John Crowley, the headmaster at St Patrick's in Ballarat, which had on its faculty some of Australia's most notorious paedophile priests. Today, Headmaster John Crowley focuses on acknowledging the past, supporting abuse victims and survivors and making sure it never happens again.

Liturgy: Hello autumn, Goodbye summer

15 Mar 2017 | Geraldine Martin

An Autumn liturgy to say ‘Hello’ to autumn and ‘Goodbye’ to summer 

The key to tackling family violence

01 Feb 2017 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

Tackling the issue of domestic violence means seriously addressing issues like porn and violence in our community.

Reflection questions and activities for 'Finding a new path'

13 Jul 2016 | Geraldine Martin

Reflection questions and activities for 'Finding a new path' in the Winter 2016 edition

Liturgy: What if everyone cared?

13 Jun 2016 | Geraldine Martin

In this liturgy, students will reflect on how all humanity is interconnected.

Finding a new path

31 May 2016 | Robert Fedele

A unique education course offered by Australian Catholic University is helping disadvantaged people from across the country reclaim their lives.

Reflection questions and activities for 'Mercy notes: Mercy in relationships'

15 Mar 2016 | Clare Deignan

Reflection questions and activities for 'Mercy notes: Mercy in relationships' in the Summer 2016 edition

Mercy notes: Mercy in relationships

10 Mar 2016 | Peter Fleming 

Mercy, like charity, begins at home. 

Explorations: The business of relationships

10 Mar 2016 | Andrew Hamilton

Relationships are more than transactions where one thing is exchanged for another. Ideally, relationships are places where people are generous in what they give of themselves, and are also generous in what they forgive in others. 

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71-80 out of 199 results.











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