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The loss of a beloved one

01 Feb 2017 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

This Lent, Madonna magazine will take readers on a special journey through the Easter story, using a series of daily meditations on the Gospel story. Here is the first entry.

Quiz: Catholic family fun

01 Feb 2017 |

Try our Catholic family fun quiz!

Many voices one song

01 Feb 2017 | Brendon D’Souza

Nine choirs share the space at Good Shepherd Parish in Sydney. Each brings its own unique voice to the celebration of the Mass.

Easter Reflection: Look for beating angel wings

01 Feb 2017 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

Angels today are usually seen as cuddly. They belong on wedding cakes, Christmas cards and play harps on clouds. At Jesus’ time they were serious. They were God’s messengers, bringing destruction to empires and striking fear in people. 

Liturgy: Family life in all its diversity

01 Feb 2017 | Geraldine Martin

In this liturgy, parishes and schools will have the opportunity to celebrate family life. 

Prayer blog: Remaining Resolute

14 Jan 2017 | Mark O'Shea

'Argh! Just ten more minutes!' It's 6am, and already I'm in the throes of a heated battle with my alarm clock. My outstretched hand slams down on the snooze button, the only ally I can count on in this daily grudge match. It takes another three rounds in the ring for my conscience to finally leap into action, prying my unwilling eyes open with a few short, sharp pangs: 'Didn't you promise yourself that you'd be getting up early from now on?' Fine! I surrender!

Prayer blog: Strange Journeys

14 Dec 2016 | Andrew Hamilton, SJ

Many children associate Christmas with journeys made and odd places visited. Plane and train trips to visit separated parents, car trips to visit rarely seen relatives, camping expeditions to tent cities by the beach.

Prayer blog: Hope

07 Dec 2016 | Susie Hii

My mother died about a month ago, on 26 October, 2016. On the news recently, we heard of the tragic deaths of young people from meningococcal meningitis, one of whom who had just finished high school. Others have even died from severe attacks of asthma during the storm in Melbourne. On top of all these, the news of the death of a friend's sister literally brought on an attack of dizziness. In the midst of this mental storm, I prayed for silence and stillness.

Reflection questions & activities for 'St Teresa of Calcutta Parish Bulletin'

07 Dec 2016 |

Reflection questions and activities for 'St Teresa of Calcutta Parish Bulletin: What would a ‘parish of mercy’ look like?' in the Christmas 2016 edition

Reflection questions & activities for 'Mercy notes: Mercy in the Church'

23 Nov 2016 | Geraldine Martin

Reflection questions and activities for 'Mercy notes: Mercy in the Church' in the Christmas 2016 edition

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51-60 out of 200 results.