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The two voices in my mind – Poem

07 May 2019 | Tatiana Kurniawan

When we feel anxious, it can be like there are two voices in our head competing for our attention. While one voice wants us to be ruled by fear, the other wants us to be free.

Tips from a YJA award winner

30 Apr 2019

Stories for the Australian Catholics Young Journalist Award can be found everywhere. The winner of the 2018 Australian Catholics Junior Section Award, Ryan Murdoch, interviewed his local priest who joined children from The Gap Parish in a soccer match.

The unbelievable thing

13 Feb 2019 | Tatiana Kurniawan

A little story about forgiveness.

In service of all soles

13 Feb 2019 | Genevieve Peters

The Washing of the Feet has long been one of our Easter rituals in the Catholic Church. But what’s special about the way it’s been used in recent years by Pope Francis.

How confession can change your life

13 Feb 2019 | Geraldine Vytilingam

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is a pathway to freedom.

Breathing with God

09 Nov 2018 | Thea Kurniawan

Bringing together music, scripture and meditative repetition, Taizé prayers have become more popular in recent years, particularly among younger Catholics.

2015 – Confirmation: Discovering God for yourself

17 Sep 2018 | Various

Confirmation is our chance to make our own choice to follow God. It’s where we receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit and become fully part of the Catholic community. We asked some of our young writers to look back on their confirmation, and what it meant for them

Young Journalist Award winners 2018

22 Aug 2018

Voices of hopeMore than 700 students entered this year's Young Journalist Award and found there is 'hope for the future'.

Changing the Tasmanian view of pregnancy and infant loss

22 Aug 2018

The winner of the Intermediate Section of the 2018 Young Journalist Award looked at the Tasmanian Bears of Hope Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support program.

A wheel inspiration – Liesl Tesch

22 Aug 2018 | Phoebe Sheridan

St Joseph's College student Phoebe Sheridan was runner-up in the Intermediate Section with her profile of Paralympian and politician Liesl Tesch.

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