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Young Journalist Award Junior Runner-up: Listen to the lollipop lady

26 Jul 2014 | Samantha Kintanar

Being a crossing supervisor isn't just about plastering a smile on your face and blowing your whistle when it's time to cross. Marina has made sure of that. 'You have to have a good personality', Marina commented, 'and you have to be crossing supervisor for that person who wants to cross, no matter who they are.'

Working to live

28 May 2014 | Ray Cassin

Geraldine Hughes says while unions have been under attack in recent times, they remain a vital protection for workers bearing the brunt of a system that sees them less as human beings and more as costs to be cut or productivity outcomes to be increased. 

Reflection questions & activities: 'Recipe for a thriving parish'

22 May 2014 | Clare Deignan

Reflection questions and activities for the archived article, 'Recipe for a thriving parish', from the Summer 2014 edition

Reflection questions & activities: 'The end of homelessness?' 

08 May 2014 | Clare Deignan

Reflection questions & activities for the article, ''The end of homelessness?', from the Easter 2014 edition


Reflection: A Palm Sunday call to action for refugees

13 Apr 2014 | Bishop Vincent Long OFMConv

Palm Sunday walkMelbourne Auxiliary Bishop Vincent Long, himself a former refugee, spoke with passion about Australia's responsibility to welcome and provide shelter to those seeking our aid at a prayer service before the Palm Sunday Refugee March in Melbourne on 13 April. 'We have been given much and much is expected of us, individually and as a society in terms of our compassion, generosity and commitment to share with others.'

Reflection questions & activities: 'Laughing in church'

20 Mar 2014 | Clare Deignan

Reflection questions and activities for the article, 'Laughing in church', in the Easter 2014 edition

News feature: The end of homelessness?

03 Mar 2014 | Ray Cassin

With just a small amount of investment, we could provide better support to people on the streets and help bring an end to homelessness, says Victorian VincentCare CEO John Blewonski.

Father Bob’s punch line

03 Mar 2014 | Emily Ressia

A sense of humour can help us deal with difficult situations, says Australia's larrikin priest.

Laughing in church

1 Comment
03 Mar 2014 | Fr James Martin SJ

Fr James Martin SJ explores when it's okay to have a chuckle at Mass.

Unguarded moments: The life of the party

03 Mar 2014 | Ann Rennie

Jesus liked to enjoy himself. So why shouldn't we?

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121-130 out of 199 results.











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