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A feast to make you smile

03 Nov 2015 | Brendon D'Souza

Over the last two years, Brendon D'Souza, aka The Smiling Chef, has been providing Australian Catholics readers with tasty recipes to share with the family. In this special foodie edition of the magazine, we asked him to describe what made him want to become a food blogger and chef. 

AC Classroom: A stranger from Nazareth

03 Nov 2015 | Anna Watt

The air is crisp, but the sandy road still radiates the warm breath of the day on our walk to dinner. A gentle crimson light enfolds the olive grove and falls softly on our bodies, and the powdered track dusts our sandals and slips in between our toes. 

Editorial: Food, glorious food

03 Nov 2015 | Michael McVeigh

In this Christmas edition of Australian Catholics we explore the connection between food and faith. 

Feeding the world

03 Nov 2015 | Claudia Appaduray

There is enough food in the world to support everyone living on it. However, the fact that we can have everything we want to eat while others around the world are struggling to survive shows that something has gone wrong in the way we manage our food resources. Caritas is working to address this issue in a variety of ways – from helping promote sustainable farming practices overseas, to encouraging Australians to do more to help. 

PrayerBlog: The Gift of the Mass

12 Oct 2015 | Genevieve Nicoll

I have a confession to make: I’ve become a Mass junkie. There’s a hunger that’s developed recently that seems to be a grace. I have been wary of it, asked myself if it’s authentic, but the sense of consolation I feel makes me believe that the Lord is blessing me at the moment. 

Reflection questions and activities for ‘AC classroom: A waste of life'

07 Oct 2015 | Clare Deignan

Reflection questions and activities for ‘AC classroom: A waste of life’ from the Spring 2015 edition

PrayerBlog: Patience really is a virtue

14 Sep 2015 | Helen Jacobs

Virtues are good habits for a reason. They are the coaches and spectators of this marathon called life, whole-heartedly advising you and cheering you on, wanting you to become a better person. 

AC classroom: A waste of life

19 Aug 2015 |

Australians from all walks of life joined the campaign to save the lives of two Australian drug smugglers, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, sentenced to death in Indonesia. The campaign was unsuccessful, but their stories highlighted the complex issues around the death penalty, and the wastefulness of life that it represents.

PrayerBlog: Who am I to judge?

18 Aug 2015 | Andrew Hamilton SJ

If there is one line by which Pope Francis has become famous, it is ‘I do not judge’ or perhaps rather ‘who am I to judge?’. The most famous instance where he used this line was on a plane coming back from World Youth Day in Brazil. Journalists were given open slather to ask him about a range of topics, and he was asked about homosexuality. 

Online exclusive: People of the morning

12 Aug 2015 | Michael McVeigh

Assuming God is still speaking to everyone in our world, how can we help people discover that voice?

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111-120 out of 200 results.











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