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Prayer for Creation: reflections and activities

Michele Frankeni  |  15 August 2018

Read Fr Andrew Hamilton’s reflection on the Day of Prayer for Creation and take part in the various reflections and activities.


How important to Pope Francis is care for the environment?

Why does the Pope insist that care for the environment and human welfare go together?

Why do you think a more equal society would be better for the environment?

Would you agree that respect for the environment in Australia is not a high priority? Do you think it should be? If it’s not, and you think it should, how can you make it a high priority?


Undertake an audit of your activities with the environment in mind. It can be a personal audit, or one that takes in activities at school or in the home.

How do you reduce, reuse and recycle?

Identify areas of concern and come up with alternative suggestions.

For example, if you buy takeaway coffee start taking your own cup. Buy straws that are either reusable (stainless steel) or recyclable (bamboo). When you’re shopping, choose products with recyclable or reusable packaging.

Choose natural fibres where possible. Scientists are even working on a cotton shirt that doesn’t need ironing.

Is it possible to build compost bins at the school?

Put together posters of ways you can help the environment, or offer weekly tips for the school bulletin.

Do an in-depth study of an environmental issue and write out the pros and cons. Some topic ideas: Does banning single use plastic bags help the environment? Is there such a thing as clean coal? Should all houses have compost bins? Are renewables the way of the future?

For younger students

What is your environment? How do you find it? How do you fit into it? The environment is everything around you – what you see, what you hear, what you smell, what you touch and what you taste.

You can make up your own story book of all the things in your environment. Draw what you can see, or cut out pictures from newspapers and magazines. Add things you’ve found during your day – a feather or leaf, press a flower. Don’t forget to help your environment by making sure you use both sides of the paper and use up the last of the crayons or pencils.


Image: Put yourself at the centre of your story. Photo by Thomas Lambert on Unsplash


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