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Movie prophets

Nieve Walton  |  06 February 2018

Bruce AlmightyDoing God's work in the movies.

Bruce Almighty

Bruce has unfortunately been down in his luck lately and he truly believes that God is just not doing the right job.

Everything that goes wrong can be blamed on this. After God hears these many complaints he decides that Bruce must be able to do his job better and gives over his powers.

Bruce immediately sets out to use his powers to fix his life, not thinking of the repercussions that it may cause. 

Bruce soon learns that being God is not easy.

Exodus: Gods and Kings

A modern recreation of the Old Testament story about Moses and his mission to free the slaves of Egypt. In an attempt to bring justice back into a society that has been run by corrupt rulers for hundreds of years, Moses brings down plagues on the people to change their ways. After they fail to listen, Moses stands by his beliefs and faith in God. The Pharaoh still refuses to free the slaves and Moses fights against his former brother to bring justice and return the slaves to the promised land.

Evan Almighty

Evan Baxter moves his family to Washington D.C. when he becomes a congressman. He has high goals for his job, hoping to 'save to world'. God gives him a helping hand by asking him to build an ark in order to prepare for an upcoming flood. Evan is unsure of where to start or if he even he can trust God.

He eventually starts to build this ark but faces ridicule from the public and risks losing his family in order to save animals and humans from the great flood. Eventually Evan's family returns and they build the ark together, proving that family and community relationships are the most important things one needs.


Nieve Walton is a student at Thomas Carr College in Werribee, Vic.



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