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Reflection questions & activities for 'The rhythms of family life'

Clare Deignan |  19 July 2017

Read the article 'The rhythms of family life' and answer the following questions. Then share your answers in pairs, small groups or in a classroom discussion.

1. ‘The rhythms of family life’ was written from a parent’s perspective. What did you learn about a parent’s experience of rushed mornings? How is it different from a kid’s experience?

2. What is your experience of rushed mornings? 

3. Mum and writer Clare Locke writes, ‘Parenting is often about trying to create some kind of order in the midst of a charismatic chaos’. Look up ‘charismatic’ and ‘chaos’ in the dictionary. What do you think she means by the term ‘charismatic chaos’? 

4. What do you like about mornings? What don’t you like about mornings? 

5. What does the rush of busy mornings teach you about family life? 

6. Where do you see your family’s love for each other in the morning rush? 

7. Can you also find God there? How? 


1. Where do you find God in the ordinary routines of your family? Write a one-page reflection about what you learn about your family and faith by observing ordinary moments in your family’s day. You could write about going to school, heading to after school activities, setting the table for dinner, or even bedtime. Then explain how you find God in the ordinary daily routines of your family.

If you feel comfortable share your writing with your class. 

2. The present moment: Write a short story about a family’s chaotic morning. Explain what made it chaotic and how the family showed their true colours by how they dealt with the chaos. 

When you're finished, read your story to your class.

For younger students

Teachers read or summarise ‘The rhythms of family life’ for your class. Discuss how even the most organised of families will experience a chaotic family morning once in a while. Teachers can talk to the students about what they can do to help their family’s morning be more peaceful. Pitching in and helping creates family harmony.  

As a class brainstorm the different ways, every kid can help make their family’s mornings run more smoothly. Then, teachers can discuss how helping with the family morning routine is actually a part of what Jesus called us to as Christians.    

Peaceful mornings: What can you do to make your mornings more peaceful? Here are some ideas: wake up on time, lay out your clothes, pack your backpack or make your lunch the night before, make sure not to have any screen time, eat your breakfast, get ready when your parents ask. Create a list of 3 things you can do this week to make your family’s morning go more smoothly. Maybe you’ll even be a good example to your siblings!

After one week of following your new routines, fold a piece of paper in half. On one side illustrate what your mornings look like when you did not do your three-morning routines. On the other side of the paper draw how it went when you did. 

You can share your experience and drawing with your class.



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