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Reflection questions & activities for 'Mary Glowrey: 
A trailblazer on the road to sainthood'

Clare Deignan |  21 June 2017

Read the article ‘Mary Glowrey: A trailblazer on the road to sainthood’ and answer the following questions. Then share your answers in pairs, small groups or in a classroom discussion.

1. Why is it significant that Mary Glowrey became a successful Melbourne doctor?

2. What is holistic health? How is it different than doctors just treating a patient’s symptoms?

3. Read back through the article and list the different ways Mary was ahead of her time.

4. What does it mean to be declared a ‘Servant of God’ by the Catholic Church? (You may have to research this online.)

5. Why do you think Mary Glowery is a good candidate for sainthood? Explain.

6. In light of Mary Glowery’s inspiring life, write a paragraph on the ways you want to serve God and help others.


1. Become a playwright: Break into groups of three or four and write a play scene  about the life of Mary Glowrey or one of the inspiring Australian Catholic women listed at the bottom of the article. As a group research online or in your school library, the life and work of the woman you have chosen to write about.

Some questions to consider, while your group is writing the scene: What part of the inspiring women’s life would you focus on? How would you set the scene? How would you show what sort of person she was and what mattered to her? Who would be in your scene? What would happen? What would be the climax? How would you end your scene? 

When all groups are finished, each group can act out their scene for the class.

2. What does it take to be a saint? Watch the Busted Halo video, ’How Does the Catholic Church Declare Someone a Saint?’ and have a class discussion about the process.

Some questions to get you started:

Do you believe in miracles? Why do you think miracles are needed as part of the

Why do you think miracles are needed as part of the canonisation process? Do you think this should be the case? Why or why not?

3. Letters home: Write a letter from Mary Glowrey to her family in Victoria after she moved to India. What would she say? What would her hopes and concerns be? What do you think she would miss about Australia? What would she want her family to know?

Teachers should leave time for students to read their letters aloud. 

For younger students

Teachers can read or summarise the article ‘Mary Glowrey: A trailblazer on the road to sainthood’ to their class, and discuss what Mary Glowrey’s work as a nun-doctor meant to the community she served. 

In simple terms, teachers can also explain the process of becoming a saint to the class.

As a class, write a thoughtful prayer asking God to help each student serve Him like Mary Glowery did during her life.


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