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Reflection questions & activities for 'Heroic women in the Bible'

Clare Deignan |  31 May 2017

Read the article ‘Heroic women in the Bible’ and answer the following questions. Then share your answers in pairs, small groups or in a classroom discussion.

1. What is a hero? Whom are some of your heroes?

2. In the article ‘Heroic women in the Bible’, what are the similarities between each heroic women? What are their differences?

3. Why is it important that we note heroic people, especially women?

4. What are some of the social challenges that these women had to face in their lives? How are they similar to challenges that women have to face today? What do their stories teach you about overcoming these challenges?

5. For this edition of Australian Catholics, we are celebrating the women who have inspired and shaped our faith. Think of the women that inspired your faith. Whom are they?

6. This article focused on women in the Old Testament. Can you think of any women in the New Testament who are heroic? Why do you think they are heroic?


1. Heroic women in the Gospels: Break into groups of three or four. As a group look at each group members’ list from question #6. From your individual lists, pick four heroic women in the Gospels to create a group list. For each heroic woman, include a short description of her story and what makes her heroic.

You can share your own ‘Heroic women in the Bible’ with your class when you’re finished.  

2. Heroic women in history: Write a one-page reflection on why it’s important to note and celebrate inspiration women in history. Think in particular about the various situations women have faced, and the challenges they have had to overcome. Then, explore how female historical figures experiences might be different to those of male historical figures. When the assignment is complete, students can read their reflections to the class or in small groups.

3. Heroic women skits: Break up into groups of three or four. Teachers can then assign each group a heroic women’s story in the Bible. Students will need to create a script including a plot, dialogue and could even include costumes and props. Each group could perform their skit for the class or video record it and play it for the class. 

For younger students

1. Teachers can read or summarise the article ‘Heroic women in the Bible’ and discuss what it means to be a hero. Ask students if they can think of any other heroic women, especially Catholic saints.

Students can then pick a heroic woman to do a short report on. Students should be given time at home to research their heroic women with the help of a parent.

They can then put together a poster board sharing different aspects of their chosen heroic woman's life and works.

Students can then present their posters to the class. 

2. Teachers can ask students to think of a heroic woman in their lives that inspire their faith. Then students can make this person a thank you card to show gratitude to this heroic woman for her inspiration.


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