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International Day of Peace - 21st September

22 September 2018

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Can love make a way to justice?

Content exclusive to AC+ subscribers: The Love Makes A Way movement has seen Christians across the country take part in sit-in protests in the offices of politicians from both major political parties. Their objective is to bring to an end to the offshore detention of people who seek asylum in Australia.

PrayerBlog: Becoming Peacemakers

Everyone wants peace. But equally, most people find conflict more interesting than peace. Compare the number and the relative success of television series that trade in war and violence with those that describe a serene peace. 

PrayerBlog: Being love at work

Work culture and morale were crumbling at my work. A new senior manager, while good and kind and approachable initially, had now for various reasons become ambitious, sneaky and untrustworthy. 

Online exclusive: The experiences of young Muslims

Content exclusive to AC+ subscribers: A Catholic school student interviews two Muslim friends about violence and conflict committed in the name of their religion, and the impact that it has on their lives here in Australia.

Channelling God’s peace

Content exclusive to AC+ subscribers: Australian Catholics takes a look behind another popular prayer in the Catholic tradition – the Peace Prayer of St Francis.





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