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Prayers of the people: Easter Sunday (Year A) - 16 April 2017

 |  13 April 2017

Introduction to the Mass

Night of nights and day of days, for Jesus Christ is risen from the dead! With heaven and earth we exult in joy.  Darkness has been dispelled, sin forgiven, and death destroyed. Year after year, generation after generation, Christian believers have chanted these refrains, as we do now. For in the waters of baptism we have died to sin and risen to a life of love. In confirmation we have been anointed with the Spirit of Christ. At the table of the Lord we eat the bread of life and drink the cup of salvation. This is the good news we celebrate and declare.

Sample intercessions


Dear friends, on this holy night/day we rejoice, for Christ has risen from the grave.  Darkness has been dispelled and death disarmed.  With glad hearts let us pray for the whole of creation.


1. For all who have been baptised in Christ, especially the newly baptised, that the light of Christ will shine forth in their lives and bring peace to people of good will, (pause) let us pray to the Lord.

2. For all the peoples of the earth, that their eyes will be opened to see the wonder of creation and their hearts moved to protect and nurture it for future generations, (pause) let us pray to the Lord.

3. For Pope Francis, bishop of Rome and chief pastor of the church, that he will be sustained in his joyful proclamation of the gospel and his mission of renewing the church, (pause) let us pray to the Lord.

4. For people of the Jewish faith scattered around the world, that they will keep alive the ancient memory of exodus and passover and stay true to the Torah, (pause) let us pray to the Lord.

5. For those of other faiths, those who profess no faith, and those who have lost faith, that the Spirit of God will guide them surely on paths of wisdom and goodness, (pause) let us pray to the Lord.

6. For Australians living in rural communities and isolated areas, that they will share fully in the blessings of the land and enrich the nation through their work and way of life, (pause) let us pray to the Lord.

7. For those enjoying a holiday break over these days, that they will be renewed in body, mind and spirit, and return home refreshed, (pause) let us pray to the Lord.

8. For ourselves, that we who have completed our Lenten journey may allow the fifty days of Easter to lead us ever more deeply into the mystery of Christ, our crucified and risen Lord, (pause) let us pray to the Lord.

9. For the recently deceased ... and for those whose anniversary of death occurs around this time, that they will join the heavenly choirs and praise the Lamb of God forever, (pause) let us pray to the Lord. 


Saving God, of old you led your people from bondage to freedom, and in Jesus delivered us from sin and death.  Renew the gift of your Spirit in us that we may walk always as children of light.  We ask this through Christ our Lord.



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