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Prayers of the people: Fourth Sunday of Lent (Year A) - 26 March 2017

 |  20 March 2017


Approaching the half way point of our Lenten journey, today we rejoice.  We praise God for the amazing grace that saves us, for we were blind and now we see.  The light of Christ dawned upon us when we were reborn in the waters of baptism.  Then as the baptismal candle was handed over to us, we were bade to walk always as children of the light and to keep the flame of faith alive in our hearts.  Paul the apostle says it for us again today: “Wake up from your sleep, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.”

Sample intercessions


Dear friends, Jesus led the blind man on a journey of faith until he saw with the eyes of his heart.  Enlightened in baptism, let us open our hearts in loving prayer for the whole world.


1. We pray for Pope Francis, bishop of Rome and pastor of the world-wide church. May he continue to shed the light of Christ on all whose lives are overshadowed by sin and death. (Pause)  Lord, hear us.

2. We pray for the drought and famine stricken people of East Africa. May the international community provide the aid that is urgently needed to save the starving from a humanitarian catastrophe.  (Pause)  Lord, hear us.

3. We pray for all who care for the Earth on which we live. May their dedication call us to a conversion that will protect the health of the planet for future generations. (Pause) Lord, hear us.

4. We pray for policy-makers in every form of government and business. May they have the courage and wisdom to take decisions that support a fair, inclusive and compassionate society. (Pause) Lord, hear us.

5. We pray for families in Vietnam caring for disabled children. May our giving to Project Compassion this Lent enable Caritas Australia to continue supporting them through local Parents’ Associations. (Pause) Lord, hear us.

6. We pray for the elect as they prepare more and more intensely for baptism this Easter. May they be led to an ever deeper faith in Christ as the light of the world. (Pause) Lord, hear us.

7. We pray for ourselves in this local community of faith. May we welcome each other, respect each other, and care for one another with steadfast love. (Pause) Lord, hear us.

8. We pray for the recently deceased ... and for those whose anniversary of death occurs around this time.  May they rejoice in the light of Christ for ever. (Pause) Lord, hear us.


Holy God and Father of light, we praise and thank you for the gift of faith. Help us to follow closely in the footsteps of your Son and to walk always as children of light. We ask this through Christ our Lord.



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