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Feast of St Mary MacKillop - 8th August

09 August 2018

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The Mary MacKillop story

Mary MacKillop's life does not just tell us about a brave and determined woman who has become a saint. It also says something important about Australia and the Australian Catholic Church today...

Class discussion: St Mary of the Cross MacKillop

Content exclusive to AC+ subscribers: In a time when celebrity is sought after and famous people are admired simply for their fame it is fitting that Australia now has a new celebrity, one of a different calibre, Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop. This Aussie celebrity comes with a swag of stories kindled in the fires and lif... 

A new saint in Rome

Content exclusive to AC+ subscribers: More than a century ago, Mary MacKillop walked across St Peter's Square alone as a young sister seeking approval for her new religious order. On 17 October, 2010, her face over... 

Activities: Mary's life and spirituality

Content exclusive to AC+ subscribers: Mary's life. Do some research about the social issues facing people in Mary MacKillop's time. Imagine that you are a farmer in a rural town. Write a letter to the Sisters of St Joseph, describing the situation in your area and asking them to establish a school for the... 

Reflection: In her own words

Content exclusive to AC+ subscribers:

St Mary MacKillop's words of wisdom:

'Remember we are but travellers here.' (1866)

'We must teach more by example than by word.' (1867)

'Do all you can with the means at your disposal and calmly leave the rest to God.' (1891)

'We feel our crosses hard at times, but o... 

In depth: Mary MacKillop's Spirit

Mary MacKillop's vision was based on a deep spirituality. Through a life of deep prayer she believed that God was the source and centre of all her actions. Fr Paul Gardiner SJ, who put together the case for Mary MacKillop's canonisation that was presented to the Pope in Ro... 


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