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International Mother Earth Day - 22nd April

23 April 2018

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Mother Earth Day

The qualities of mothers and nurses in giving life and sustaining life are celebrated in the day dedicated to mother earth, writes Fr Andrew Hamilton.

Caring for our home: Environmental resources for students, teachers and parents

Content exclusive to AC+ subscribers: Australian Catholics magazine has put together a collection of resources to assist Catholic schools in bringing the Pope's environment...

Environmental Liturgy

Content exclusive to AC+ subscribers: Pope Francis has now released his long-awaited encyclical 'Laudato Si: On the care of our common home.' He reminds us that often we have misinterpreted scriptu... 

A journey into reconciliation

Content exclusive to AC+ subscribers: Catholic Earthcare's Creation and Reconciliation Pilgrimage was a life-changing journey for people with environmental concerns and a desire for greater ha... 

Catholics and the environment

Content exclusive to AC+ subscribers: Discussion of the environment can be a turn off. The topic is vast and complicated, and it raises high passions. When we imagine the en... 

How did we get here?

Content exclusive to AC+ subscribers: Just what would our environment look like if we jumped in a time machine and travelled back through history? Is the story of civilisation a story of environmental degradation, or is it m...

Healing Earth


Healing Earth integrates environmental science texts with ethics, theology, and spirituality into the curriculum to deepen the learning experience through reflection and action. It is geared toward upper-level secondary school students, beginning college students and adult learners.


International Mother Earth Day

On this day, representatives of more than 170 countries are gathering at UN Headquarters in New York to sign the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. This landmark pact, in conjunction with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, holds the power to transform our world.


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