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Year of Mercy 2016

 |  31 December 2015

'A little bit of mercy makes the world less cold and more just.' Pope Francis

Bring the Year of Mercy home to families and help invigorate their life and faith with a subscription to Australian Catholics in 2016.

The Synod on the Family showed just how important it is to engage families in the life of the Church. We believe the Year of Mercy is an opportunity to deepen that engagement for families.

For the first time, all five editions of Australian Catholics next year will be devoted to exploring a single theme: Mercy in the life of the Catholic Church.

Summer 2016 - Mercy in spirituality
Finding forgiveness in God through the sacrament of reconciliation, and how God's love can lead us to show mercy to ourselves and others.

Easter 2016 - Mercy in relationships
Following on from the Synod on the Family and exploring the role of mercy in marriage, family life and other relationships.

Winter 2016 - Mercy in social justice
Mercy that motivates us to help the disadvantaged and challenges us to love all of our neighbours.

Spring 2016 - Mercy in the world (Youth edition)
How love and mercy can transform our lives and the world around us. 

Christmas 2016 - Mercy in the Catholic Church
Pope Francis, the Catholic Church, and helping people find mercy and encounter God in their lives. 

As well as the regular in-depth features, profiles and reflections you've come to expect from the magazine, each edition will feature insights from Pope Francis and special Year of Mercy prayers and activities for students and families.

In addition to the print magazine, our website and e-newsletter will also feature Year of Mercy classroom activities and reflection questions, liturgies and other resources for schools. 

Bring the Year of Mercy home to families in 2016. Subscribe now for just $3.50 per family for the year.*

Purchase a bulk subscription for your school (equivalent to half your enrolment), and you will also gain access to our extensive database of resources online as part of an AC+ subscription.

Call us on 1300 72 88 46, or email us at, to set up your subscription for 2016. 


*Minimum 100 copies. Individual subscriptions also available at $26 per year.  


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