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Film reviews

Corpus Christie

24 Oct 2020 | Peter W Sheehan

This subtitled Polish film tells the story of a 20-year-old Polish ex-convict who wants to become a priest and fakes becoming one in a Polish village.

Never Rarely Sometimes Always

21 Oct 2020 | Peter W Sheehan

This American drama tells the story of a young woman who travels to New York with a close friend to seek support for an unwanted pregnancy.

Lucky Grandma

20 Oct 2020 | Peter Malone MSC

Lucky Grandma is a story of a vibrant Chinese community in New York City and one feisty Grandma.

Baby Done

20 Oct 2020 | Peter Malone MSC

This is a pregnancy film. There is plenty of comedy. And there are serious themes. In fact, quite a pleasing combination.

Honest Thief

15 Oct 2020 | Peter Malone MSC

The Honest Thief is a film for 2020 audiences, especially older audiences looking for some kind of easy entertainment in difficult times.


15 Oct 2020 | Peter Malone MSC

Initially a portrait of New Zealand gangs, Savage is also a social commentary. It is grim and often brutal, but there is some humanity.

Film review: The Leadership

04 Oct 2020 | Peter Malone MSC

The Leadership is an interesting and challenging documentary, written and directed by Ili Bare. It is a must for female and male audiences.

Hope Gap

04 Oct 2020 | Peter W Sheehan

Hope Gap deals with the consequences of a husband announcing to his wife and son that he plans to end his 29 years of marriage.


04 Oct 2020 | Peter Malone MSC

Spree is a world where the central character tells us right from the beginning, ‘if your life is not documented, you don’t exist’.

Miss Juneteenth

28 Sep 2020 | Peter W Sheehan

Miss Juneteenth focuses less on black assertiveness than on the support that black people give each other to help them survive. It is a film that projects African-American pride at a time when positive antidotes are urgently needed to the media’s hunger to show violence and aggression.











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