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Explorations: Social justice and the margins

16 Feb 2021 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

Catholic Social Teaching is an important part of a faith that does justice. In this Explorations, we explore what it means to have a concern for those at the margins.


16 Feb 2021 | Angelo Campagna

In the language of the Hebrew people, there’s a word for waiting that doesn’t mean passively doing nothing, but instead captures what it means to hope and prepare for something new.

A song yet to be heard – Dreaming of a reconciled Australia

15 Feb 2021 | Sherry Balcombe

The wait for Reconciliation continues for First Nations peoples.

A life of waiting

15 Feb 2021 | Fr David Holdcroft SJ

Millions of people around the world live in refugee camps. They are victims of war and persecution, unable to return to their homes, but also unable to start new lives until they find acceptance elsewhere. 

A sacred vigil

15 Feb 2021 | Caitlin Humphrys

When we experience trauma in our lives we desire to be healed. We want the resurrection. But what of Holy Saturday? I have come to know the vigil at Christ’s tomb before the resurrection as a sacred space of healing, safety, and intimacy with God. That time of waiting and seeking makes the resurrection triumphant.

CONTENT WARNING: This article explores experiences of abuse

Leaving a mark

01 Nov 2020 | Michele Gierck

Palms Australia places skilled Australians in voluntary placements around the world. But these experiences are about more than providing help – they’re about being invited into communities, building relationships, and being changed by the experience. 

Who is Jesus?

01 Nov 2020 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

Jesus is at the centre of Christian faith. That is why we hear so much about him, often in complicated language about issues that we cannot understand. We might long for a simple explanation of why Jesus is important and how the different things said about him hang together. It may be helpful way to think of Jesus as the centre of a journey.

Explorations: Joy and thanksgiving

19 Aug 2020 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

For some people, religion can seem dull and sombre. Yet there’s a deep joy at the heart of religious life for Christians. In this Explorations, we explore the role of joy in faith.

Explorations: The cry of the earth, the cry of the poor

24 May 2020 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

One of the main messages of Pope Francis’ environmental encyclical, Laudato Si’, is that Catholics wanting to build a better world need to heed both the voices of the poor and marginalised, and the impact of human beings on creation.

Explorations: Leadership in the church

12 Feb 2020 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

Good leadership is not a 'top down' authoritarian model but one of service. God invites Christian leaders to go beyond the boundaries and win people by love to a generous and faithful life.











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