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Following God’s still, small voice

27 Oct 2020 | Emilie Ng

Journalist Jo Hayes says her successful media career is largely the result of praying and listening to God. 

Elsie's lessons

26 Oct 2020

Elsie Heiss found solace in her faith as she grew up, created a community where she could feel at home, then spent much of her life helping the broader Catholic community grow in their understanding and acceptance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Monsieur Vincent’s home among the poor

17 May 2020 | Peter Fleming

A young St Vincent de Paul was attracted to the priesthood because of his desire for a comfortable life. But his true home was found on a different path.

A letter to a centenarian

16 May 2020 | Michael McGirr

Tom Moore was never shy of public service, but did the expect to become an international sensation after he passed his 99th birthday?

Marking out your space

11 Feb 2020 | Michele Gierck

Steve Lawrence has gone from playing in AFL premiership teams, to helping organise World Youth Day 2008, to running leadership workshops across Australia. He shares some of his insights into what it takes to be a leader.   

Putting people first

11 Feb 2020 | Kaitlyn Fasso-Opie

A former Australian Labor Senator, Ursula Stephens has been chief executive of
Catholic Social Services Australia (CSSA) since July 2019. She says while an important aspect of leadership is to inspire others, it’s also about using your influence to bring the best out of every one – and to speak truth to power.

Advice for 2020 school leaders

10 Feb 2020 | Lincoln Ingravalle

Lavalla Catholic College Victoria student Lincoln Ingravalle was named the 2019 VCE Leader of the Year last September. Alongside his school leadership roles, Lincoln was Latrobe City Council Youth Mayor, visiting local schools to talk to students about mental health. He also volunteered as a United Nations Youth Australia Delegate in Timor Leste. His advice to 2020 school leaders? Just keep going.


A letter to Pedro Arrupe

29 Oct 2019 | Michael McGirr

Michael McGirr writes to Pedro Arrupe congratulating him for being on the road to sainthood.

Prayer that changes lives

13 Oct 2019 | Kaitlyn Fasso-Opie

Contemplative life isn’t about cutting oneself off from the world, but engaging spiritually with the world, says Mother Hilda Scott from Jamberoo Abbey.

Where words can’t reach

13 Oct 2019 | Tim Kroenert

Religious composer Fr Chris Willcock says music has its own little corner of the soul, which it alone can reach.











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