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Catholic Social Teaching with Pixar

28 May 2014 | Paige Morrison, Nicole de Souza, Nicola Nemaric, Rebecca Gauci

Since the release of Toy Story in 1995, Pixar movies have dazzled critics and audiences alike with heartwarming, and often hilarious, tales of adventure and discovery. But beyond the fun, these movies deliver thought-provoking life lessons in morality, love, friendship and other facets of the human condition. In this article, Australian Catholics explores the seven themes of Catholic Social Teaching and what we can learn about them while watching Pixar films.

Taking responsibility

28 May 2014 | Doreen Vella

Some people do more than ‘go the extra mile’ to support others. They go a lot further indeed. 


28 May 2014 | Yasmine Lomax

Yasmine Lomax looks at some books that explore the theme of human dignity.

Father Bob’s punch line

03 Mar 2014 | Emily Ressia

A sense of humour can help us deal with difficult situations, says Australia's larrikin priest.

Good (not so) clean fun

03 Mar 2014 | Isabella McCafferty

What seemed like divine intervention was something more earthly (and funny).

Think globally, joke locally

03 Mar 2014 | Lauren Muscat

Lauren Muscat says the way to any heart is through the funny bone.

What would Jesus Instagram?

03 Mar 2014 | Nicholas Peric

The online world provides plenty of opportunities for us to share God's joy with people around the world - if we follow some simple guidelines.


03 Mar 2014

Nicola Nemaric looks at some comedy films 
with heart.

Our friend Pope Francis

08 Jan 2014 | Yazmine Lomax and Niamh Pillinger

Just what impact has Pope Francis had on people's views of the Church over the last 12 months? We asked some of the young people at the Australian Catholic Youth Festival for their views.

Broadening the ideal of beauty

01 Aug 2013 | Lauren Muscat

Dannielle Miller once wrote a love letter in acceptance and gratitude to her own body. This is the essence of what she teaches young women to do: define beauty for themselves and not in comparison with magazine covers.

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