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Prayer blog: A lenten oasis

15 Mar 2015 | James O'Brien

As pilgrims we need inner compass points to help us discern between those places in our lives that fill us with peace and those which drain us of life. One daily practice which can help us with this, and which we can include in our Lenten observance, is the awareness examen.

Video reflection: Stephen Colbert's question for Pope Francis 

04 Mar 2015 |

Our friends over at America magazine in the United States had a visit from comedian Stephen Colbert at the start of Lent. Best known for his comedy/news program the Colbert Report, Colbert is also a committed Catholic. America magazine editor Fr James Martin SJ was often a guest on Colbert's show, and took the opportunity of the visit to turn the tables on the comedian - interviewing him about his faith. 

Prayer blog: I love the Church, especially in Lent

25 Feb 2015 | Ramesh Richards SJ

Ash Wednesday’s second reading from Paul to the Corinthians invites us to be true ambassadors of Christ and the appeal is to be reconciled back to God. If you have stuffed up, acknowledge it, own it, and as Taylor Swift says, 'shake it off' through the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Prayer blog: When music in the liturgy is not so good

24 Feb 2015 | Beth Doherty

Those of us who attend parishes frequently have probably experienced the plethora of options ranging from the 85-year old playing the organ with traditional repertoire; the majestic Cathedral choir; or folky choirs complete with guitars, cymbals, triangles and tambourines. But what happens when, regardless of the style of music, it is just not played well?

Liturgy Resource: Lenten Candle Paraliturgy

10 Feb 2015 | Geraldine Martin

LENT is a season of soul-searching and repentance, a season for reflection and taking stock. This paraliturgy offers an opportunity for students to contemplate the meaning of the Lenten season and how they can make a difference over the next 40 days.

Prayer blog: The healing touch

04 Feb 2015 | Peta Edmonds

In my prayer today I light a candle and take off my sandles, and the floor of the church feels cold in my socks, like a fishpond. It’s my first day without cigarettes, without sugar and chocolate, without drugs and the world feels like a Persian rug pulled from under my feet. I’m not afraid to admit my powerlessness. I am powerless and afraid. Still it is only through prayer I can admit this, the first steps of a baby.

Liturgy resource: Memorial service for the death of a student or staff member

29 Jan 2015 | Geraldine Martin

In a Catholic school, students will often ask for some sort of service to celebrate the life of a friend or teacher who has passed away. This memorial service provides the opportunity for students and staff to express emotions through a variety of ways.

Channelling God’s peace

29 Jan 2015 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

Australian Catholics takes a look behind another popular prayer in the Catholic tradition – the Peace Prayer of St Francis.

A field guide to meditation

29 Jan 2015 | Clare Deignan and Fr John Dupuche

A lecturer on meditation at Catholic Theological College and the coordinator of School of Prayer with the Melbourne Archdiocese’s Office for Evangelisation, Fr John Dupuche gave us eight tips on using meditation to create peace in your mind and heart.

Reflection questions and activities for 'Hey, St Jude'

04 Dec 2014 | Clare Deignan

Reflection questions and activities for 'Hey, St Jude', from the Christmas 2014 edition

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81-90 out of 150 results.