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Explorations: A vocation to God

04 Mar 2012 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

A vocation to godWhen Jesus called people to follow him, they were asked to give up the worldly things they prized in order to give themselves fully to something far greater. Since that time, religious vocations have been about providing an example for society of what is truly meaningful in our lives.

How to be good

12 Dec 2011 | Brian Doyle

How to be goodFirst, pick up your wet towel and at least, for heavenssake, hang it up to dry.

Explorations: The importance of being good

12 Dec 2011 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

The importance of being good Christianity is essentially a path to goodness, learning to express God's love for us in our actions towards others. For saints like Mary MacKillop, goodness was such an ingrained habit that it seemed to come naturally in their words and deeds.

Explorations: Our response to refugees

09 Oct 2011 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

Our response to refugeesHow we respond to refugees is determined by our response to all strangers who come to us in need. As Christians, our response is guided by Biblical stories such as the exile of the Jewish people and their gratitude to God for finding them a home. In the same way, we are called to share what we have with others, and to be grateful for the gifts that they share with us.

Explorations: A faith that does justice

03 Aug 2011 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

A faith that does justiceSocial justice is at the heart of our faith. If God loves each person equally, then He must also want each of us to have an equal opportunity to flourish in this world. This can only happen if we place the needs of others, particularly those on the margins, at the centre of our concern.

Explorations: Religion’s relationship with science

09 May 2011 | Fr Andrew Hamilton sj

Religion's relationship with scienceWhen we think of science and religion we often think of conflict. We think of people like Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins claiming that science has disproved the claims of religion, and of Christians who argue against them. We also think of our own acquaintances who believe that modern science has made religion obsolete.

Defining the boundaries

09 May 2011 | Ashleigh Green

Defining the boundariesWe deal with science every day, from the food we eat to the transport we use. However various emerging technologies deal with new moral terrain, and do require our consideration. New medical treatments and genetic enhancement opportunities have triggered moral questions.

The changing face of the Church in Australia

09 Mar 2011 | Michael McVeigh

The changing face of the Church in AustraliaThere is no doubt that the Catholic Church in Australia is in the middle of a period of change. Three generations have been turning their backs away from going to Mass each week. It began with the Baby Boomer generation and new ideas on individual expression and freedom that broke down older social structures. The Church attempted to move with the times after Vatican II , but the reforms were either too much, or too little, depending on who you talk to.

Explorations: The future of the parish

09 Mar 2011 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

The future of the parishParishes grew out of the scattered communities of the early Catholic Church, and became places of gathering and celebration for centuries afterwards. Changes in today's society may mean that the Church needs to find new ways of bringing people together, but is there a continuing role for the local parish?

Explorations: God in other faiths

23 Dec 2010 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

God in other faithsReligion can be the best of things. It can also be the worst of things. It all depends on whether it is inspired by and inspires the love of God and of other people, or is inspired by fear or hatred. If religion is inspired by hatred, it destroys itself and harms people.











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